Torchbearer Adventures & Setting 3 Book Bundle



Stone Dragon Mountain is an introductory Torchbearer campaign that explores the fantastic beauty and terrible danger of climbing expeditions, as well as the divide between generations who have turned on each other. This is a 64 page campaign-length adventure written by Sean Nittner (Evil Hat, Narrative Control), edited by Thor Olavsrud (Torchbearer, Burning Wheel) and illustrated by Kurt Komoda (Middarmark, Burning Wheel Codex).

Middarmark is a setting supplement for Torchbearer RPG by Thor Olavsrud. It’s inspired by Scandinavian myth and folktales, and chock full of adventure ideas to give you a jumping off point for your campaigns, along with new settlements, legends of infamous lairs and harrowing places, details on the more popular Hero Cults of the Young Lords, and, of course, new spells, magic items, monsters and more!

The Ghost Tower of the Illmyr Fens is a scenario for 1st- or 2nd-level adventurers and higher. It is designed for three to four adventurers and a game master to complete in one or two sessions. You can drop it into your game whenever the adventurers venture out into the spooky wilds, especially near a swamp or marsh.

Includes PDFs of all books.