Miseries & Misfortunes

You step into this world poor and untested but ready to make your mark. Will you ply your blade as an agent of the Cardinal? Will you resist the royal will as Frondeur? Will you seek to profit from the chaos as a merchant adventurer? Whatever you choose, you will spend your very life to achieve your aims.

Miseries & Misfortunes is a roleplaying game for three to five players. A complete game, it adds lifepaths, skills, social combat and the eternal search for truth to the foundation begun by Basic Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Miseries & Misfortunes Game Overview

  • Setting – Historical seventeenth century Europe
  • System – d20
  • Character Creation – Lifepaths
  • Complexity – Medium
  • Ask us about –The Mortal Coil, Gnosis and historical Moments
  • Required Reading – Book 1: Roleplaying in 1648 France, Book 2: Les Fruits Malheureux
  • Supplements – Book 3: The Sacred & the Profane, Book 4: More Miseries, Book 5: Homage to Catalonia, Book 6: Paris, 1648