Torchbearer Essentials

Are you a Fresh adventurer, looking for a lead on where to begin? Look no further than Torchbearer's essentials!

In the core rule book set you'll find the Dungeoneer's Handbook, a guide for character creation and player-centered rules including gear, skills, spells. You'll also learn how to write beliefs and goals, and what you'll earn for bringing them to bear.

The core rules also include the Scholar's Guide which details the rules of play, how to set obstacles and run conflicts, the flow of an adventurer and the ticking of the grind. You'll also learn how to run town phases for when the adventurers seek safety after a dungeon. The Scholar's Guide includes a introductory adventurer The Dread Crypt of Skogenby designed for 1st-level characters but packed with curious

Both books are available in PDF form as well, which you'll receive when purchasing the core rule set but you may also grab each separately.

Looking to delve deeper?
The Game Master's Set is a limited edition bundle that provides all you need to run a game; plus a handful of beautifully crafted assists including coins and cards for running conflict and tracking gear, custom dice and the game master's screen. You'll also receive the Lore Master's Manual that expands on the core rules and player options, and the Cartographer's Compendium wherein you'll find a trove of adventurers to challenge players. The perfect beginning for an ambitious GM!