This page is for retailers looking for information on Burning Wheel.


We are available for wholesale purchase direct.

The Miseries & Misfortunes Series is available for direct purchase and retail. We hope to get it ready for distribution soon.


Burning Wheel, Torchbearer and Dungeon World are available in distribution through Alliance and ACD in the United States.

In Canada, we are distributed by Lion Rampant.


Currently, Burning Wheel Gold Revised, Burning Wheel Codex, Burning Wheel Anthology, Bloodstained StarsDungeon World, Torchbearer Second Edition, and the Torchbearer supplement Middarmark are in print and available for distribution. Torchbearer accessories, including the GM's ScreenPlayer's Decks, Action Decks, Wooden Dice, Stone Dragon Mountain and more are also available.


Mouse Guard RPG is available from BOOM! Studios.

FreeMarket, Parsely and other Momento Mori Theatricks games can be found at Momento-Mori.com


Burning Empires, Magic Burner, Monster Burner, Adventure Burner, Jihad and The Blossoms Are Falling, Inheritance, and the Mouse Guard Swords and Strongholds Board Game are all out of print and unavailable from Burning Wheel HQ.