My friends!
We have launched a new game—INHERITANCE.

Ten years ago, Daxo murdered his beloved older brother, Baldr. Exiled by his father for his crime, he’s spent a long decade wandering. But now he’s heard that his dear grandfather has died, and he’s returned home to claim his inheritance.


It’s funding now on Kickstarter until October 3rd. I hope you’ll join us on this adventure.

Burning Wheel Codex is now available from the Burning Store

Burning Wheel Codex
The Burning Wheel Codex is now available via the Burning Store.*

Burning Wheel Codex – Get It Here

*All Kickstarter backer rewards are out the door (except for ones for which there’s a problem that we’re addressing and except the people who never responded to the survey).


The Hand of the Pit and the Black Axe

If you’re at Gen Con, swing by booth 2051 and grab a copy of our friend Todd James’ new adventure, The Hand of the Pit!

In the days of old, a giant demon hand clawed its way up from the Pit to the mine of Whelcrag, scattering gleaming gold spoor in its wake. A man-eating ogre works for the Hand, bringing it souls to feed its demonic hunger! Will you dare the haunted mine?


Riddled with mind-bending illustrations, we have a special edition of 50 adventures in zine format. For those of you who can’t be at Gen Con, head over to our store and download a PDF of the adventure for just $5!

Also, for Mouse Guard fans, we have special, limited run Black Axe weapon cards for the Mouse Guard RPG 2nd Edition.

Black Axe Promo Card2

The back face of the card contains the stats for the fabled weapon so that you can use it to slay owls and drive off weasels in your own games! The card is free if you’re buying the RPG at Gen Con or if you can tell me the proper pronunciation of Celanawe.

Gen Con 2016!

Burning Wheel Headquarters once again makes the pilgrimage to the great Oz in Indianapolis—Gen Con.

You shall find us lurking in booth #2051. At said booth we have a mighty hoard of treasures for your pleasures:

GenCon 2016 Pricelist

And furthermore, we have events! 

Thursday, 11 AM: The Burning Wheel Headquarters AMA

Thursday, 4 PM: Dungeon World/Dungeon Nerd

Friday, 2 PM: Luke is doing his Official Kickstarter Panel.

Friday, 4 PM: 3600 Seconds to Live!

Saturday, 12 PM: Luke is doing his Kickstarter War Stories panel with Cards Against Humanity, Harebrained Schemes and Exploding Kittens.

Saturday, 1 PM: BWHQ UNITE!

Sunday, 11 AM: Fantasy RPGs and Heavy Metal: A Match Made in Hell


The Codex is safely ensconced in our warehouse and our resident Cave Troll directs its conveyance to our Kickstarter backers.


We will have it available for sale at Gen Con. Otherwise, it will be available from our store once we have fulfilled all Kickstarter backer rewards. I expect that to be in mid- to late-August.

Thanks for your patience.

New review & podcast about Torchbearer RPG!

Ooh – there’s a new review and a podcast about Torchbearer RPG from Shut Up And Sit Down!




We’re proud to announce a new line of games called “Parsely Games for purchase via the Burning Store!
Created by BWHQ affiliate (and co-author of FreeMarket RPG), Jared Sorensen of Momento-Mori Theatricks, Parsely Games are inspired by Ye Olde Text Parsers from days of yore, but substituting a live human for the computer parser. Parsely Games are small, portable and fun for (almost) all occasions.

Parsely Games - 8 Logos

• Play them anywhere! On trips, in long lines, camping, at game cons…

• Play them with anyone! Young or old, expert or total n00b

• Play with a few friends or 100 random strangers at the same time

There are currently eight Parsely Game titles available via the Burning Store:

Mouse Guard RPG 2nd Edition Hardcover & Boxed Sets now available via Burning Store


2016 PAX East BWHQ Booth - Thor










The BWHQ crew has returned from their successful foray to 2016 PAX East with some new goodies:
Mouse Guard RPG 2nd Edition Boxed Sets & Hardcover books are now available directly via the Burning Store!

Mouse Guard RPG Second Edition Boxed Set, link: here
Mouse Guard RPG Second Edition Hardcover Book, link: here




BWHQ crew heading to PAX East!

The BWHQ Crew are headed to PAX East in Boston this weekend, April 22-24!

The BWHQ merchandise booth will be set up in the tabletop area, so look for them there!

Here’s the price list for the convention:


New titles now available via Burning Store! Shipping Updates!

We at BWHQ are excited to announce several new product lines available via the Burning Store!


For the first time since the successful Kickstarter, all three Iron Empires comics are now available in Hardcover format, under BWHQ’s Forged Lord Comics imprint. These graphic novels, masterfully painted by Christopher Moeller, are the inspiration for the Burning Empires RPG.

We’re also offering these titles in various combinations:

  • 2x IE Graphic Novel COMBO: Faith Conquers & Sheva’s War combo for $40 +combined shipping
  • 3x IE Graphic Novel COMBO: Faith ConquersSheva’s War & VOID combo for $60 +combined shipping.
  • 3x IE Graphic Novel COMBO + Bloodstained Stars for only $65  +combined shipping. (A $25 retail value, Bloodstained Stars contains expanded source material for waging war and combatting the Vaylen threat in Christopher Moeller’s Iron Empires universe. It is also a setting book for the Burning Empires RPG but contains no mechanics).











DUNGEON WORLD – now a Burning Wheel imprint!Dungeon World (2nd Printing) Cover
Burning Wheel is now the publisher of Dungeon World, from Sage Kobold Productions! The 5th printing of the first edition of this classic Apocalypse World hack is now for sale now at the Burning Store!

Combining high-action dungeon crawling with cutting-edge rules, Dungeon World is a roleplaying game of fantasy adventure. You and your friends will explore a land of magic and danger in the roles of adventures searching for fame, gold, and glory.

Dungeon World’s rules are easy to learn and always drive the action forward in unexpected ways. A missed roll is never a dead end – failure introduces new complexities and complications. Life as an adventurer is hard and dangerous but it’s never boring!

Designed to be ready for you to hack, remix, and rebuild new content, Dungeon World includes systems for changing everything to suit your group including new races, classes, and monsters.



Torchbearer Player's Deck - 2nd Printing - Staff Card

For use with the Torchbearer roleplaying game, this revised deck contains everything a player needs to survive the harsh environs of the dungeon! The new deck adds 7 cards for a total of 49 cards, and a redesigned, heavy-duty tuckbox. • A 12-card action deck • 8 condition cards • 4 armor cards • 4 light cards • 17 weapon cards. Some of the new cards include a backpack, wine skin and staff! In addition, the box contains two separator cards (each with a micro dungeon!) to help you better organize your deck.


After several weeks of configuring, we at BWHQ believe we have finally ironed out our shipping woes!

Using a new dimensional shipping app, all products available via the Burning Store are now able to be shipped in a variety of ways, based on weight, dimensions and type of shipping container. New options include USPS International Shipments, including a reduced rate 1st Class International shipping method.

A note on USPS 1st Class International: it can take 3-12 WEEKS delivery time (especially for Australia & Far East)! If you want your Burning Store parcel quickly, select USPS Priority International shipping!