Downloads, Shipping & Returns

Digital Downloads
Digital orders are processed immediately and will appear in the orders section of your account. Any order that has a PDF included will have a hyperlink text of "Order #XXXX". Click on the hyperlink text to see a breakdown of an order. On that order page there will be a download arrow on each of the product images. Just click the download arrow on each of the product icons that you want to download. Please email us for any digital download inquiries.


As a general rule, we do not accept returns except for damaged goods. All returns will be considered on a case by case basis. Please email us for any return inquiries. 

Orders are processed and shipped twice a week. You will receive an email confirmation when your order has shipped. Please email us for any shipping inquiries.

If you do not receive your order within 90 days of delivery as a result of a Burning Wheel Headquarters error during processing, we will cover all shipping costs after reprocessing your order. Otherwise, if we determine the customer is at fault for the shipping error, we will need to be provided with the correct shipping address and the cost of shipping.

If the customer is unwilling or unable to cover the cost of shipping, we will refund the cost of the game(s) upon its return to the warehouse. Please email us for any shipping inquiries.

International Shipping
We ship all international orders via USPS priority flat rate postage. International customers must use the zone rate shipping option. Often, shipping in multiple flat rate envelopes is cheaper for our international customers than shipping all items together in a single flat rate box. If you are an international customer placing a large order please be advised that it may be possible to save on shipping by breaking your order into smaller separate orders. Please be aware that shipping method is auto selected using product weight. The weight limit for an international flat rate envelope is 4lbs. When an international shipping address is entered in the shopping cart the cart will automatically display the total order weight on the shipping method page. Weight information for all of our products can also be found on the individual product information page.