Based on the award-winning Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game, Torchbearer is a riff on the early model of fantasy roleplaying games. In it, you take on the role of a fortune-seeking adventurer. To earn that fortune, you must delve into forlorn ruins, brave terrible monsters and retrieve forgotten treasures. However, make no mistake, this game is not about being a hero or about fighting for what you believe. This game is about exploration and survival. You may become a hero. You might have to fight for your ideals. But to do either of those things, you must prove yourself in the wilds. Because there are no jobs, no inheritance, no other opportunities for your deadbeat adventurers. This life is your only hope to prosper in this world.

Torchbearer Game Overview

  • Setting – Old School D&D + Norse folklore + survival horror
  • System – D6 die pools, success-based
  • Character Creation – Class-based, questionnaire
  • Complexity – Medium
  • Ask us about – The Grind
  • Required Reading – The Torchbearer Second Edition Core Set (The core rules are contained in a two-book set: the Dungeoneer’s Handbook and the Scholar’s Guide.)
  • Supplements – The Loremaster’s Manual (Book 3), The Cartographer’s Compendium (Book 4), The Scavenger’s Supplement, Bridge of the Damned, Middarmark Gazetteer, Stone Dragon Mountain

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