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We are a collection of friends who run a small roleplaying game publishing company. We have been at this work for more than 20 years now and have published seven RPG systems and more supporting material for them than we can remember. In our two decades of work, we’ve won awards—Origin Awards, Golden Geeks and others—and earned the praise of the RPG community. We were once the young controversial firebrands, winning accolades and upending norms, now we are the Old Guard, grimly guiding neophytes toward a better future.

Our games are unlike any others out there. They may feel familiar in that they use fantasy tropes or historical analogues, but the systems underpinning our games challenge players to engage with RPGs differently than they would in Dungeons & Dragons, Apocalypse World, Blades in the Dark or any of their children.
Burning Wheel games are intense, thoughtful and deep. Taking a systems- first approach, we design them to be explored over many adventures and campaigns. Thus we invite you to step into our world and be set afire, the flames shall purify and change you!


We believe that the system of any game you’re playing—strategy, CCG, board game—provides the experience for its players, and that this is especially true for roleplaying games. The system provides the framework of choices for the players, as well as the unplanned outcomes of the players’ actions, sets the stage to surprise and delight the players, creates incentives for behavior and sets the boundaries of fair play.

We design our systems with two major fundaments in mind: first, to carry the load of running the game both for the player and game master; second, to break the player out of their everyday thinking and challenge them to invest in the life of their character through difficult decisions made over many sessions of play.


Currently, we support three game lines: The Burning Wheel Fantasy Roleplaying System, Torchbearer Second Edition and Miseries & Misfortunes. We also publish our friends’ game, Dungeon World, and our roleplaying game, Mouse Guard, is published by our friends at BOOM/ Archaia.