Torchbearer Bridge of the Damned Adventure PDF



PDF of the Bridge of the Damned adventure, a new adventure for the Torchbearer RPG...

The Bridge of the Damned is a Torchbearer adventure set in the Middarmark, but can be adapted to suit any Torchbearer campaign with a river that separates two warring nations, tribes or peoples. Made in collaboration with Torchbearer fans, The Bridge of the Damned adventure takes inspiration from the Pont Valentré arch bridge in Cahors, France. 


In the north stands a wonder of a lost age: a graceful, fortified stone bridge spanning a raging river. Legends say it was built by giants, but its history has been lost to the mists of time. 

Once it connected two thriving jarldoms. Trade flowed across it, rich offerings were regularly made to the spirits of the bridge and waters, and tolls overflowed in its vaults. That was long ago. Now the bridge lies ruined, slighted in a last-ditch effort to repel an invading warhost. The invaders were stymied and the bridge, once a living wonder, was left broken and desolate.

In the years since, the folk of the nearby village of Brugard say the bridge has become a haunted place, full of ghosts that lure the unwary to their doom. They call it the Bridge of the Damned, and make the sign against evil should their gaze fall upon the cursed place. More recently, bandits have occupied the ruined bridge and used it to secure their ill-gotten treasure.

Persistent stories also claim that a lost trove lays hidden unclaimed somewhere in the bridge’s vaults. They especially speak of a golden fiddle that plays music so sweet it could make a stone weep. Will you brave ghosts and bandits to claim the treasures of The Bridge of the Damned?