Torchbearer Ghost Tower

Ships on (or around) December 6, 2023.


The Ghost Tower of the Illmyr Fens is a scenario for 1st- or 2nd-level adventurers and higher. It is designed for three to four adventurers and a game master to complete in one or two sessions. You can drop it into your game whenever the adventurers venture out into the spooky wilds, especially near a swamp or marsh.

On a blustery autumn night, a tower burning with aetherial flame appears atop a desolate tor in the depths of the Illmyr Fens. The cursed place, one of the three legendary ghost towers of the Gottmark, was reputedly the lair of Merofled the Red Barun, a Gott aristocrat and necromancer. The memory of the horrors inflicted by the Red Barun causes folk for miles around to make the sign to avert evil when they chance to look in the direction of the fens. The tower appears in the mortal realm for but one night a year, and the stories claim great treasure, both mundane and magical, lies hidden within. The folk who live nearby know better than to chance that evil place. On the night it appears, they secure themselves indoors and beseech the ancestors and immortals to shield them from evil. Will you cower with them and wait out the night? Or will you dare to seek treasure and adventure in the Ghost Tower of the Illmyr Fens?

24-page, full-color zine. Includes PDF.