Torchbearer Stone Dragon Mountain Adventure PDF



Deep inside the frozen Stone Dragon Mountain, an unearthly fire burns. It is stoked by generations of hatred for the local mountain dwellers, who try to forget their shameful history appeasing wrathful gods. Before the mountain erupts into violence and fire, a few ambitious explorers will have the opportunity to climb its frozen peaks, learn its secrets, and plunder its hoards. 
Will that be you brave adventurer? Or will the mountain consume you as it has so many others before? 

Stone Dragon Mountain is an introductory Torchbearer campaign that explores the fantastic beauty and terrible danger of climbing expeditions, as well as the divide between generations who have turned on each other. 

This is a 64 page campaign-length adventure written by Sean Nittner (Evil Hat, Narrative Control), edited by Thor Olavsrud (Torchbearer, Burning Wheel) and illustrated by Kurt Komoda (Middarmark, Burning Wheel Codex).

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