Miseries & Misfortunes Book 6 (Paris 1648)

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Paris, 1648

What is Paris? The paradise of women, the purgatory of men and the Hell of horses. So says the Comte de Bussy, a soldier and perhaps the most voluble libertine of his day. What more can we add to this storied city? 

Book 6 of the Miseries & Misfortunes series illuminates a single year in the history of the mud-caked, stinking capital of France. Within we provide an overview of the city, a period map keyed with many interesting locations, a catalog of more than fifty figures of note, along with dozens of lifepaths and mentalities for those living in fair Lutetia. Not to leave the reader wanting, we have also constructed a Grand Système to represent the political struggles taking place on the streets of the capital. 

Will your faction crush the revolt of the judges? Or will you rise up and throw off royal tyranny? To decide, you need only open this tome to enter this unique moment and make such a mark on Parisian history that the poets laud your deeds for centuries to come.

Miseries & Misfortunes is a roleplaying game of historical fiction set in 1648 Europe.