Miseries & Misfortunes 6 PDFs Bundle



Miseries & Misfortunes is a roleplaying game of historical fiction set in 1648 Europe.

Miseries & Misfortunes is a roleplaying game for three to five players. A complete game, it adds lifepaths, skills, social combat and the eternal search for truth to the foundation begun by Basic Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

1648. Paris, France. The endless War of the Counter-Reformation lumbers through another bitter winter in the shattered remains of the Holy Roman Empire. The armies of the Spanish Hapsburgs encircle the kingdom of France to the south, east and north. The king is dead but the Boy King is not yet of age. Queen Anne and her able prime minister, Cardinal Mazarin, do all in their power to keep France alive, but the specter of raising more taxes and selling more offices to fund this generational war has Parlement wagging their beards, and the menu peuple threatening to revolt. Thus the ancient capital convulses with frustration and fury once more.

You step into this world poor, untested but ready to make your mark. Will you ply your blade as an agent of the Cardinal? Will you resist the royal will as Frondeur? Will you seek to profit from the chaos as a merchant adventurer? Whatever you chose, you will spend your very life to achieve your aims.

Book 1: Roleplaying in 1648
Rules for playing historical and novel moments in France 1648.

Book 2: Les Fruits Malheureux
Rules for creating unhappy and unlucky unfortunates in France 1648.

Book 3: The Sacred & the Profane
Rules for ill-advised forays into magic, science and divinity in 1648 France.

Book 4:Plus de Misères
Builds on the core systems of Books 1-3, providing players and game masters alike with detailed procedures, instructions and examples of how to play the game. In addition, we have expanded the rule set to include new systems like dueling, disease and gaining the favor of a patron—all facets of the daily life in 1648.

Book 5: Homage to Catalonia
In 1647, Catalonia is the southern front of France’s war against the Hapsburgs. Thus, France has deployed her greatest general, the Prince de Condé, to the province to break through the Spanish defenses and threaten Madrid itself. The stakes could not be higher—but fortune turns against France and her gambit fails.
This introductory scenario for Miseries & Misfortunes places you in the entourage of the great general after the defeat. His whims will take you on the greatest, most foolish adventure of your career.
This 128-page book contains a detailed scenario in our novel Moments format, as well as battle maps, an introduction to the province, new lifepaths, mentalities and magic for Catalonia.

Book 6: Paris
What is Paris? The paradise of women, the purgatory of men and the Hell of horses. So says the Comte de Bussy, a soldier and perhaps the most voluble libertine of his day. What more can we add to this storied city? 

Book 6 of the Miseries & Misfortunes series illuminates a single year in the history of the mud-caked, stinking capital of France. Within we provide an overview of the city, a period map keyed with many interesting locations, a catalog of more than fifty figures of note, along with dozens of lifepaths and mentalities for those living in fair Lutetia. Not to leave the reader wanting, we have also constructed a Grand Système to represent the political struggles taking place on the streets of the capital. 

Will your faction crush the revolt of the judges? Or will you rise up and throw off royal tyranny? To decide, you need only open this tome to enter this unique moment and make such a mark on Parisian history that the poets laud your deeds for centuries to come.