Iron Empires: VOID (Book 3)

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FLC 0003


Iron Empires: VOID - Part 3 of the Iron Empires series by Christopher Moeller, published by Forged Lord Comics.

VOID is the third fully painted graphic novel set in the gothic science fiction setting of the Iron Empires. These stories take us into a precarious future, where prideful, quarreling human empires stand on the edge of extinction. Void is set in the Comoran Worlds, where starship captain Vasa Sunder faces dangers posed by his leaders, his military opponents, and his own pride. Like the originals, it is a stand-alone, complete story. The book also contains sketches and studies of the characters, creatures and ships from the story. Created, written, and painted by Christopher Moeller, this hardcover printing is the newest addition to the Iron Empires saga which, along with Faith Conquers and Sheva's War, inspired our Burning Empires RPG.