Iron Empires: Faith Conquers (Book 1)

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Iron Empires: Faith Conquers graphic novel is the inspiration for the Burning Empires roleplaying game.

Iron Empires: Faith Conquers - Part 1 of the Iron Empires series by Christopher Moeller, published by Forged Lord Comics. 
Faith Conquers is the critically acclaimed science fiction epic brought to life by master painter and storyteller Christopher Moeller (JLA: A League of One, Lucifer). This volume collects the four part series originally titled Shadow Empires, published in 1994, and features the three-part story "The Passage," originally published in Dark Horse Presents, now in hardcover format for the first time! Created, written, and painted by Christopher Moeller, this book, along with it's sequel, Sheva's War, is the inspiration for our game Burning Empires RPG.