The Hand of the Pit and the Black Axe

If you’re at Gen Con, swing by booth 2051 and grab a copy of our friend Todd James’ new adventure, The Hand of the Pit!

In the days of old, a giant demon hand clawed its way up from the Pit to the mine of Whelcrag, scattering gleaming gold spoor in its wake. A man-eating ogre works for the Hand, bringing it souls to feed its demonic hunger! Will you dare the haunted mine?


Riddled with mind-bending illustrations, we have a special edition of 50 adventures in zine format. For those of you who can’t be at Gen Con, head over to our store and download a PDF of the adventure for just $5!

Also, for Mouse Guard fans, we have special, limited run Black Axe weapon cards for the Mouse Guard RPG 2nd Edition.

Black Axe Promo Card2

The back face of the card contains the stats for the fabled weapon so that you can use it to slay owls and drive off weasels in your own games! The card is free if you’re buying the RPG at Gen Con or if you can tell me the proper pronunciation of Celanawe.

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