Torchbearer 2E Game Master's Set

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The deluxe set for Torchbearer 2nd Edition includes the core books, supplemental material, and one item of each of the accessories to enhance your play at the table.
Includes PDFs of books.
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The Dungeoneer's Handbook
  • 256 pages, digest-sized (5.5" x 8.5")! Hardcover, linen wrap, swanky end papers, nice paper!
  • Revised character creation which includes tighter Nature question results
  • Revised leveling costs
  • 10 levels for all classes (up from 5), including revised benefits for levels 1-5
  • New class: Theurge, a mad seer possessed by the immortals
  • New arcane spell memorization system, The Memory Palace
  • New divine magic system, The Immortal Burden
  • New invocations and spells with revised, clarified format
The Scholar's Guide
  • 320 pages, digest-sized (5.5" x 8.5")! Hardcover, linen wrap, swanky end papers, nice paper! 
  • New easy-to-process difficulty factors format throughout
  • Revised skill format—much easier to parse
  • Revised and clarified reward system
  • Iconic monsters all in a revised, cleaner format 
  • New loot tables—with more treasure!
  • New camp and town events (they're so good!)
  • New demo adventure: Revised and updated Dread Crypt of Skogenby! 
The Lore Master’s Manual
We came up with so many new rules and ideas around the game that they wouldn't fit in two books. So we're offering a third book full of optional material for the game. It includes:
  • 272 pages, digest-sized (5.5" x 8.5")! Hardcover, linen wrap, swanky end papers, nice paper! 
  • New class: the thief, go from a knife-wielding cutthroat to the shadowy power that rules this town
  • New class:  the shaman, fueled by the Immortals of Beasts, channeling their wild power
  • New stock: the Troll Changeling; they're part troll, part human and all trouble
  • New conflicts: Banish, Abjure, Bind and Battle
  • New settlements like Borderland Fortress, Shire and Walled Town
  • Lots and lots of gear in a comprehensive list
  • Rules for making base camps—good for tackling those megadungeons. 
  • Economic rules so you can crash the economy of your town
  • Travel rules
  • Simple guidance on town adventures
  • More spells and invocations
  • More monsters!
  • Wild new rules for spiritual quests 
The Cartographer’s Compendium
A collection of six Torchbearer adventures that will test players’ wits, resolve and creativity. Find your fate in the Tower of Stars. Unravel the mystery of the Ogre of Whelcrag in Hand of the Pit. Seek the Orb of Power in Thelon’s Rift. Explore the caverns in Under the House of the Three Squires. Plunder The Secret Vault of the Queen of Thieves. Puzzle your way through the hellish volcanic terrain of Surtshellir.
  • 192 Pages, digest-sized (5.5" x 8.5")! Hardcover, linen wrap, swanky end papers, nice paper! 
  • 2-Color Interior, 2 Bookmarks, foil stamped and gold tipped pages
  • Six adventures
  • Many new denizens
Action Deck
Two sets of 12 Action cards (1 for GM, 1 for Players) for scripting your Conflicts!
GM Screen & Trackers
Game Master's Screen for quick rules reference and protecting your schemes. Includes trackers to hang on the rim.
Metal Coins Set
These unique coins—designed by Kurt Komoda—come in three types: gold, silver and copper. Each metal uses a distinct shape, making these coins useful as hit point counters, light trackers and simply as loot.
Player's Deck
The player deck is an ideal companion for every Torchbearer player. It contains cards with information about armor, weapons, light and equipment for easy use and reference at the table.
Wooden Dice Set
Limited edition wooden dice that use our custom symbol set—wyrm, sun and axe—so you can feel like you're gambling at a tavern when you roll the dice.
Wooden Cardholder
This most excellent tool is Luke's favorite addition to Torchbearer. It allows a player to neatly arrange their cards while also providing slots in which to place our coins to track light and hit points.

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