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Dinner for One

Welcome to the Manor Stravit. Won’t you stay and dine with the lord? He’s most eager to meet you…

Dinner for One is our sequel to Trouble in Hochen (which can be found in the Adventure Burner). You can download it here and run it for your group tonight.

Dinner for One

Adventure Burner Preorders Are Live

Head on over to our store if you’d like to preorder the Adventure Burner. Grab a t-shirt while you’re at it. Dro not included!

There are only 200 preorders available!

The Sword Reborn!

The Adventure Burner contains three ready-to-play scenarios. The first of them is a revamped version of our classic demo scenario, The Sword. You can download it from our wiki now. You can also get it from our store, too.

Another Adventure Burner Sample

I’ve uploaded the Beliefs commentary chapter to our wiki. Check it out!

Preorders for the Adventure Burner begin on Wednesday (June 16th) at 12 noon New York Time. We’ll only have 200 books available for preorder so get yours quick if you want one.

Secret Summer Adventures

The veil is off. The Summer Secret Surprise for 2010 is the Adventure Burner. From the back cover:

Adventure: What we consider adventure, some call hardship, pain and certain death. The privation, the politics, the bloody fights all take their toll, but it is only when we struggle that we truly live. We fight to overcome. We deal for gain. We suffer for glory.

The Adventure Burner is the third supplement for the Burning Wheel Fantasy Roleplaying System. It provides a system for setting up and running sessions, adventures and campaigns. Examples are provided in the form of three ready-to-run scenarios—The Sword, Trouble in Hochen and Thelon’s Rift—and 42 sample characters.

In addition, this volume provides extensive insight into the Burning Wheel system. 150 pages of commentary guide the reader through the game and its application in play. A handful of new and clarified rules complete the book.

These assets make the Adventure Burner an invaluable resource for neophytes and haggard veterans alike.

368 pages, $25. Available for preorder Wednesday June 16th.

We’ll have previews up in the coming weeks.