I now presenteth onto ye the Burning Wheel Gold CODEX Kickstarter!

 And on the thirtieth day, he hath emerged from the tower scriptorium whispering in an antediluvian tongue of secrets found. In his hands he held a worn tome and turned to me suddenly, “Go forth and declare which has been buried shall rise again! Let these souls bear witness to these ancient names and spells reborn!” He pointeth to the horizon with fervor and bide me farewell, sharing with me that he could only “summon forth from the grave that which has nearly passed into the ages” if the masses saw fit. And weeks I traveled to bid ye to ponder upon these Burning secrets, and request your aid in our quest; to join our ritual dance!

“Should our spells prove fruitful, only then shall we: PUBLISH THE BURNING WHEEL GOLD CODEX.”

Good morrow,


Luke Talks Shop with Designers & Discourses (featuring the Mouse Guard RPG)

Well met, adventurers!

Jim Wampler has recently featured our dear Luke on his latest episode of Designers & Discourses. In the interview, they highlight the Mouse Guard RPG to discuss the unique challenges and subsequent joys in designing a roleplaying game in a licensed setting. Harken here for a little peek behind the curtain!

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.22.02 PM


Mouse Guard RPG (Second Edition) Blank Character Sheets Now Available!

Good-morrow, dear adventurers!

Today, I am excited to bestow upon thee blank character sheets for one of my most favorite role playing games out there, Mouse Guard Role Playing Game (Second Edition). While we here at Burning Wheel Headquarters deeply apologize for MGRPG, 2nd Edition’s delay, there is hope and something to look forward to in these sheets. Enjoy and well met!

Your Guard Captain,




(Download: MouseGuard_RPG_2E_CS)

David & Luke Lend a Helping Paw (Featuring MG: Swords & Stronghold)

Well met, all Tenderpaws and Patrol Guards alike!

Have you snagged your copy of Mouse Guard: Swords & Strongholds yet? Taken from the pages of David Petersen’s Mouse Guard, Swords & Strongholds is a two-player light strategy board game that can be played in 15 to 30 minutes.


All of us at Burning Wheel Headquarters would like to thank everyone who supported the Kickstarter and those who continue to spread the word; we couldn’t have done it with out you!

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Tenderpaw, David and Luke are here to help! With the help of the guys from GeekNights podcast, they’ve made some videos show how to play as well as answering frequently asked questions and playing through an entire game. Enjoy them below!

And the Winner is…

Well met, dear adventurers!

This is a long time coming but we’ve finally picked our favorite Torchbearer adventure pitch! And our champion is…

Hand of the Pit by Todd James!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 5.30.06 PM

There were a lot of really great submissions, and choosing just one was most challenging! Honorable mention goes to Jim Morris’s Mausoleum of the Moderate Monk and Paul Jennings’ A Rising Tide.

Thor Olavsrud of Torchbearer RPG (and one of our esteemed contest judges) encourages everyone who made a submission to work on their adventures and release it under the Torchbearer Sagas or Torchbearer Dungeoneers & Dragonslayers licenses! “And I’m happy to provide some feedback on submissions to anyone that does want to finish their adventure and release it.”

Many thanks to all you bards out there who took the time to create such epic adventures and submit it! Twas a pleasure and an honor to read them all.

Your fellow bard,


Burning Raiments: BWHQ’s Hoodies & T-Shirt Kickstarter

Hail, burners, and well met!

Burning Wheel HQ has finally launched a Kickstarter for proper Burning Wheel habiliments for all our next Burning cult meetings; Tultex zip-up hoodies and Gildan Softstyle t-shirts printed by Liberated Images with our logo, designed and illustrated by Kurt Komoda. There are only 10 days left to initiate your pact with the Burning gods and help make these boons available for all!


It is time, my brother and sisters, to don our finest raiments and attend to important matters.

You see us in the streets, in darkened clubs, or huddled over tables strewn with arcane ephemera in dimly lit rooms. You know us by our sign: the mark of the Wheel; the Wheel of Five; the Wheel of Fire. 

You wonder, who are they? Their eyes burn with a lambent flame. And you are drawn like the proverbial moth. This is a cult of mysteries; these are learned and enlightened souls, you whisper to yourself. I wish to enter their compact, to become one of them. But how?

Now the gate is open. Pass through it and be cleansed. Pass through it and gain knowledge heretofore unattained. Pass through it and bear the mark of the Wheel.



Pledge, joinn ussss and much gramercy for the support, dear adventurers.

Zombies, Ghosts and IRS Agents — Oh, My!

Well met, burners!

Halloween draweth near and what better to do than to play some horror-themed role playing games. Today, we spotlight a special Torchbearer adventure and an original game by award-winning game designer, Jared Sorensen.

Torchbearer Sagas: Denizens of the Dark



In the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve, Jared has developed and released, Denizens of the Dark for Torchbearer RPG. The supplement is generous with “zombies, witches, werewolves, robots, vampires, aliens and goblins” and “includes seven new classes (levels 1-10), the new Enchanter skill with rules for wands, rods and staffs, new Alchemical devices, vampire antagonists, magical familiars and BEES!”.

Priced at $6.66 at the Memento Mori Theatricks webstore.



Now available at our online store, InSpectres is “the critically-acclaimed game of ironic horror, tragic comedy and mind-blowing property damage. Battle the forces of darkness and try to keep your business afloat in a world of ghosts, demons, vampires and IRS agents.” It was a 2002 Indie RPG Awards Runner Up for Best Support and created by Jared A. Sorensen of Memento Mori Theatricks.

Part mystery game, party business simulator, InSpectres explores flourishing market that is the paranormal investigation and elimination trade. In this role playing game, you can try your hand at starting an “InSpectres” franchise, buying some stocks and playing as your intrepid and sometimes supernatural employees. It’s an awesome take on the whole Halloween theme!

Now available at the Burning Wheel Store!


Happy Halloween, burners!

Indie Adventures Now Available at the Burning Wheel Store!

Harken, adventurers — not all heroes are forged in the realm of medieval fantasy.

So, I’m really excited to announce that the Burning Wheel Store will now be carrying indie tabletop roleplaying games, debuting with two renowned RPGs that elegantly explore existential conflicts, galvanizing landscapes of the future, and magically powered mechs (enough said!).

Be sure to look out for more indie features in the future!

Lacuna Part I. The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City by Jared Sorensen



I’m enamored by this game. Mechanically simple and clean, it takes us on a straightforward adventure through a delightfully strange, war torn landscape built from billions of human minds and guarded by Arachnid-headed beings.

Lacuna Part I. The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City comes to us from the award-winning game designer and creator of InSpectres, Jared Sorensen of Memento Mori Theatricks. Lacuna won the 2006 Indie RPG Awards’ Most Innovative Game Winner and has been received well by the gaming community.

“…fabulously cool.” – Ken Hite, Out of the Box

“…elegant and simple mechanics for resolving conflicts…the inclusion of the heart-rate mechanic is fantastic [and] it’s one of the best pacing mechanics that I’ve seen so far…” – Paul Tevis, Have Games, Will Travel 

“It is, in my view, the best work from Memento Mori by a considerable margin, and if you haven’t been paying attention, that means I think it’s one of the strongest RPGs in existence.” – Ron Edwards, Sorcerer 

“This game is amazing. I think, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, that this is Jared’s best design. And I think Inspectres is one of the best RPGs ever written.” – Luke Crane, Burning Wheel 

“…one of the most unusual, thought-provoking, and limitless RPGs of the past 10 years.” – Zachary Houghton, RPG Blog

Check out Lacuna Part I. in our new Indie Games section!


Tenra Bansho Zero by Junichi Inoue, translated by Andy Kitowski


Tenra Bansho Zero transports us to the far future where feudal Japanese has another chance to permeate the political and cultural landscape, only this time with magical tech — and did I mention the mechs that run on magic?!

Hailing from the wonderful world of Japanese manga and translated for us by Andy Kitkowski, Tenra Bansho Zero “is a Japanese Storytelling Game of ‘Hyper-Asian Fantasy’, in the author’s own words. Conceived, designed and illustrated by famous manga author Junichi Inoue (and featuring gorgeous art from illustrators Hiroyuki Ishida, Rasenjin Hayami and others), Tenra Bansho Zero is one of the most recognized “Made in Japan” tabletop role-playing games.” It was nominated for the 2013 Golden Geek Best RPG Artwork/Presentation Nominee & the 2014 ENnie for Best Production Values Nominee.

Find Tenra Bansho Zero in our new Indie Games section!

Game School features Torchbearer!

Luke discusses Torchbearer with Game School and guide Game School co-host, Satine Phoenix through “an underground lair of unspeakable evil.” Click the banner below to listen!


Game Devs Play… Mouse Guard: Swords & Strongholds!