Baroque Adventuring with Luke Crane

Medieval fantasy tropes are a staple in the wild world of tabletop roleplaying games; I know I’ve enjoyed my fair share of ancient castles, untamed countryside, mighty barbarian kings and steadfast paladins, and naive villagers who gossip you into crazy adventures. You adventure, you hoard treasure, you affect the landscape, times passes… but everything remains static culturally and politically on a dungeon train going in circles. Mind you, I eat this stuff up.

But what if you could play a tabletop roleplaying game in a more progressive time, with more politically-charged backdrops in a changing metropolis with muskets and sacrilegious magic performed in the depths of the city? What if you could play like this within those very nooks and crannies set in the timeline of our world’s own history ? Well, Luke Crane, the creator of Burning Wheel, has given us an avenue of such.

Today, Burning Wheel Headquarters launches Miseries and Misfortunes; a fun baroque supplement for Basic Dungeons and Dragons by Luke Crane. It is set in Paris, France during the mid 17th century following closely to the culture and environment of the time. Adventure like a Parisian (not unlike the characters in Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers) and explore the volatile times that predated the French Revolution.


Miseries and Misfortunes is a 54-page supplement for Basic Dungeons & Dragons. It contains six new classes, as well as weapons, spells and equipment for playing D&D in the first half of the 17th century. Rules describe fighting with rapier, pistol, pike and musket in small formations, hiring servants and exploring strange and forgotten places.

Download it now at our store fo’ free!


Your ever enthusiastic guard captain here at Burning Wheel HQ,


Some Burning Wheel Action hosted by Roll20!


So, Roll20‘s Adam Koebel is gamemasterin’ some Burning Wheel for their Game Master Series on Youtube! Check out the latest episodes on their channel!

Do you have unique, evocative adventure ideas? Would you like to see them published?


Well met, adventurers; especially all you bards out there!

BWHQ wants to commission exciting, dungeon-based fantasy adventures for the Torchbearer RPG. Luke and Thor will commission their favorite pitch for publication as a PDF. We will work with the author in an editorial capacity to develop the adventure and edit the text, and we will commission art for the adventure, including a pretty map. And we will pay you for your work.

All you have to do is fill out this form to enter!

What are we looking for?

  1. The concept for the adventure
  2. Some background on the dungeon
  3. One or more hooks
  4. Your vision of the adventure’s climax
  5. A rough map of 10-15 areas

Feel free to e-mail with any questions or comments!


The More You Nerd interviews our founder, Luke Crane!

Check out Luke Crane’s interview on The More You Nerd Podcast (Episode 162: Burning History with Luke Crane)!


“Luke Crane, creator of Burning Wheel and the Games Lead for Kickstarter,  joins Drew, Patrick, and Myles to talk about the culture of table top gaming before spiraling into an impromptu history lesson!”

— The More You Nerd Podcast

I like comics — especially when they’re about Burning Wheel!

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Well met, adventurers!

So, if you haven’t heard of Mythcreants​ and their bi-weekly comic strip, Roll Dice Already!, check it out right now!
RollDiceAlready! explores “the joys and absurdities of tabletop roleplaying” that we’ve come to know so well through our own adventures. Most recently, we’ve come to find that they’ve been playing Burning Wheel!
And as an added bonus, thanks to the crew at Mythcreants, we are able to offer all the strips featuring Burning Wheel in one PDF for free! So, check it out and thanks again, Mythcreants!

So, enjoy and happy adventuring!


Burning Wheel Presents Two New Adventures!

I bear glad tidings, adventurers! Two new Burning Wheel adventures are available in our store right now. You can download the free PDFs, and enjoy it today with friends around the table or over at Roll20!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 2.56.34 PMTwilight in the Duchy Verdorben combines three introductory Burning Wheel adventures by Luke Crane and Thor Olavsrud; Trouble In Hochen, Dinner for One, and Your Day In Court. Art by Jordan Worley and Tony Dowler. Free PDF.


Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.40.44 PMWords Remain Below is a Burning Wheel adventure that deals with superstition, fear, justice, and morality in the midst of a volatile situation as the fate of a young woman accused of being a witch rests in your hands. Written by Larry Bierworth & Patrick Riegert. Free PDF!

Burning Wheel Character Sheets Now Available on Roll20!

Hail adventurers! I’m Arlin, the new Guard Captain (Office/Project Manager) for Burning Wheel HQ and I am excited to announce that Burning Wheel Character Sheets are now available on Roll20!

Many thanks to Roll20 and special thanks to the authors, Steve K, Andrew Rehder (@arehder), Dominick D’Aniello (@netpro2k), Sean Kennedy (@seriouslysean), and Justin Dunlap (@hereticj), for creating them.

Don’t forget to check out Roll20’s overview by Adam Koebel, and looking forward to seeing more Burning Wheel games on Roll20!

Give us a helping die. Get a difficult test. Advance your skill!

mice playing RPG

Burning Wheel HQ is looking for help.

We’re looking to hire a part time office/project manager.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Updating the blogs, forums, social media with information about current projects
  • Booking events and travel
  • Getting estimates from printers and manufacturers about upcoming projects
  • Ensuring bills get paid on time
  • Assisting in planning Burning Con, our annual event
  • Occasional visits to the post office

You should be

  • interested in publishing games, books or comics. Working with us, you will learn how a small press games publisher works. We’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years now. We have a lot of experience and insight.
  • Available one day a week
  • Able to work remotely to answer emails and chats
  • In or around New York City

Payment will be reasonable for a day’s work, plus you’ll be compensated for any time spent working remotely.

Looking to get started in early June.

Contact us if you’re interested.

Torchbearer Spellcaster Character Sheets


In Torchbearer, spellcasters have a lot of information to manage. As I was playing my beloved 6th level magician, Sammas, I noticed that the lovely little spellbook at the bottom of the page isn’t all that helpful. So I created something a bit more practical in the form of these new sheets. They’re not perfect—they’ll only last you a few levels—but they’re a good start. I’ll try to publish a comprehensive spell book in a similar format soon.

Torchbearer Spellcaster Character Sheets

The Terrible Price



The Terrible Price

Torchbearer’s second birthday approaches. By this time, some of you have managed to raise your characters to level 5 or even higher. And some of you have met an untimely end in bad circumstances. After playtesting this a bit on our end, we wanted to give you a view into how we view death at Burning Wheel HQ. Behold:

Playtest rules for meeting death in Torchbearer.

Good luck. And remember, death is often a mercy.