Hello Primates!

Behold the schedule of a desperate man!

My schedule for PAX Dev:
Wed 1:15 PM Grand III: Creative Destruction with Jared Sorensen.

Wed 230 PM Grand II: Academia vs Reality with Jared, Rym and some other nerds.

Wed 4:30 PM 5th Ave Room: Something from Nothing with James Ernest and Paul Petersen (and that guy Jared).

Thurs 2:00 PM 5th Ave Room: Something from Nothing PART 2 with James, Paul and Jared.

My Schedule for PAX Prime:
Friday: Blessedly free! Come visit our Burning Wheel, Night Sky Games and Memento Mori supercombo booth on the 6th floor.

Saturday 6 PM Tabletop Theater: RPGs Are Awesome with Jared.

Sunday 10:30 AM Raven Theater: The D&D You Never Knew. The big time! Just me for a whole hour!

Sunday 2:00 PM Tabletop Theater: I am Startup and So Can You, America: Designing and Publishing on a Ramen Budget. with Wolfgang Bauer (!) and those guys publishing 13th Age.

Sunday 7:00 PM Tran Bros Vietnamese: I mutely spoon Phô into my raw, cracked throat with Jared Sorensen and ensemble.

See you next week!

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