Burning Wheel Revised: Rest in Peace

Character BurnerWith great solemnity, I announce to you that today Burning Wheel Revised Edition passes into the eternal purgatory of out of print books.

And while this is a serious moment, I do not mourn. Burning Wheel Revised has lived a long, robust life. He has brought us joy whether through play, contribution or internet flame wars.

But like a trusted horse after a long journey, we must put him to pasture: to live out his twilight years in second hand book bins, in dusty corners of forgotten game shops, in your collection of prized treasures and on torrent servers as poorly made scans.

His life began six years ago as a radical revision of his cruft-ridden, but thoughtful father: Burning Wheel Classic. In the revision, we introduced social combat, skirmish combat, positioning and three types of artha. And we better explained our procedures and techniques.

1000 copies of Burning Wheel Classic were sold in the two odd years it was in print. In the six years that Burning Wheel Revised has been in print, we sold eight times that number. It seems that our revolutionary putsch was justified.

But what once was deemed radical is now commonplace. I mean, what game now doesn’t have slick social combat rules, player authorship and intricate, narrative-driven reward systems? And our instructions that once seemed so clear and forthright, now look tattered and lacking.

So it is time for this old friend to go. Time to go before he overstays his welcome — before he is hacked to pieces by well-meaning souls trying to fix him, before he becomes something he is not. He’s perfect in his imperfection, but his day is done. Farewell, old friend.

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