Gen Con 2016!

Burning Wheel Headquarters once again makes the pilgrimage to the great Oz in Indianapolis—Gen Con.

You shall find us lurking in booth #2051. At said booth we have a mighty hoard of treasures for your pleasures:

GenCon 2016 Pricelist

And furthermore, we have events! 

Thursday, 11 AM: The Burning Wheel Headquarters AMA

Thursday, 4 PM: Dungeon World/Dungeon Nerd

Friday, 2 PM: Luke is doing his Official Kickstarter Panel.

Friday, 4 PM: 3600 Seconds to Live!

Saturday, 12 PM: Luke is doing his Kickstarter War Stories panel with Cards Against Humanity, Harebrained Schemes and Exploding Kittens.

Saturday, 1 PM: BWHQ UNITE!

Sunday, 11 AM: Fantasy RPGs and Heavy Metal: A Match Made in Hell

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