Burning Con 2013

Burning Con 2013: The Pentaclagon
Once again, the event will be held at the labyrinthine 440 Studios in lovely Manhattan on October 18-20th.
Our hosts this year are Jason Morningstar (Fiasco, Grey Ranks), Jared Sorensen (Inspectres, Lacuna, Action Castle), John Harper (Lady Blackbird, Agon), Vincent Baker (Apocalypse World and other games people play incorrectly) and Luke Crane (Burning Wheel, Mouse Guard).
Date: October 18-20th

Price: $50
Registration is closed!
Burning Con is broken down in five sessions: three on Saturday and two on Sunday (plus parties on Friday and Saturday). Each attendee plays in four sessions and runs one game in one session. This ensures that everyone gets first pick for at least one game and that no one has to do heavy lifting and run lots of sessions. If you’re a first time attendee, don’t be shy. Burning Con is host to the best players at any convention! Your game will practically run itself. If you’re very nervous about running your first game, you can join our Beginner’s Track and get direct guidance from one of our hosts.
And in keeping with our tradition, only games designed by one of our hosts are eligible for play. This tradition gives the weekend a focus and a sense of shared experience. Given our hosts this year, there’s quite a selection of games to choose from!
Games Games GAMESSSS
Burning Con is a curated event. At the event we play games designed by the hosts. This year, there are so many great games to play!
Carolina Death Crawl, 
Grey Ranks, 
Shab al-Hiri Roach, 
, Action Castle (and other Parsely titles), 
, Lady Blackbird
, Danger Patrol
, Ghost/Echo
, Agon
, Dogs in the Vineyard
, Apocalypse World
, Kill Puppies for Satan
, Rock of Tahmaat, 
Burning Wheel
, Burning Empires and 


We work very hard designing our games for your enjoyment. We’d like to see you enjoy them in their pure form, but we know some of you are hackers. If you’d like to run your hack or variant of any of our titles, you must submit your materials in the form of rules, handouts and characters sheets by October 4th. I’ll review your materials and either approve them or ask you to run the straight version of the game. If you do not submit hack materials for review, you will be asked to run the straight version of the game (and I will sit in your game and complain if you don’t).

Scenario Prep and Running
Last year, I posted some advice about designing and running games at Burning Con. Check it out: Scenario prep and running advice.
I will refund registration and move games due to scheduling conflicts up to two weeks before the con (Oct 4th). After October 4th, I can’t refund registration and can’t acknowledge schedule change requests.

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