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Was Fighting Steel designed for BWC or BWr ?

Also, for many weapons Swing has only disadvantages over Thrust, so why those would be even used to swing ? (I noticed that some of them have a better Add or something like that while swinging).

Finally, do you know if many BW players are using it ?

--Marune 17:32, 12 July 2006 (MDT)

First, it was designed for BWr.

The trade off between the swing and the thrust is that the swing is slower but more powerful, making the thrust faster and less dependant on power, but it also, in a few cases, improves the weapon's VA. No matter how rigid you make a longsword, you're probably not going to wack your way through a suit of full plate; on the other hand, it isn't nearly as difficult to thrust a relatively rigid blade through a gap in the same type of armour. As far as Add is concerned, I tried to stay away from that mechanic completely; I even raised the Add on knives and daggers to 2 like all of the other weapons except when they are used by someone actually skilled with that weapon and using it on the Inside. I might be off on this assumption, but to me Add represents how hard, or easy, it is for anyone to inflect the maximum damage that weapon is able to cause. I gave the thrusting sword an Add of 1 because unless all you hit is an arm or leg, the thrust from that long thin blade is going to go very deep (if not all the way through). On the same note though, I also lessoned the weapon's Power because it was a weapon of the quick and agile, not the big and strong. I also offset that Add by giving all metal armour a +1D bonus.

I'm actually in the process of rewriting most of the weapon section. It looks a lot more like it does in the MRB accept that I use names that would be more familiar to someone who playes HarnMaster or The Riddle of Steel (I have no idea what a Sweet Axe is). Plus I kept the armour and craftsman sections pretty much intact.

I seriously doubt if anyone uses more than a small section here or there of the document, and even that is probably rare.

Thanks for the interest!

--Durgil 13:00, 13 July 2006 (EDT)