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Real Name: Jonathan M. White

Location: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Age: 35

Occupation: Homemaker

Aspiration: Writer

Experience: 7 BW campaigns, 5 BE phases


Everything Must Go

The Jewels of the Family

Name not the Shattered Isles

The Fall and Rise of Moldebrick Keep - an adventure following the destruction of a Bordeland Keep by an Imperialist Duke

Hear Ye the Prayers Howling on the Wind - a campaign of religious conflict in a cold mountain pass

Maravin Chronicle: Burning Kingdoms First Playtest

Characters Played:

Karina - Charlatan Priestess

Mordecai - Jewish Thinker

Ondry - Forlorn Troll

Tsubasa Sensei - Third Rank Temple Priest

Third Snow - Dhrujifhrd the Northern Guide

Ohathas Elven Song-Singer

Haskaroar son of Harlamon

One-shot Scenarios:

Brothers on a Mountain

Sons of the Watch - a one-shot scenario set in George R.R. Martin's King's Landing

Kidnapped - a one-shot scenario set around a small village

System Hacks:

Tian Xia Wu Di - a Wu Xia setting for Burning Wheel

Burning Kingdoms - a competitive gm-less game using BW conflict resolution mechanics and BE style campaign maneuvers

Battle! - rules for mass troop martial combat

Scripting Sheets for Battle!

Conquest Chronicle


Antagonists Den - my host of PC relationships and NPCS

Advanced Character Template