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This is me. I was Burned in the beginning. Since before the first publication, and even after a parting of ways I have not been soured. I live yet to burn again. Phil Kobel, alias Blizarg (only for lack of remembering my first username on the forums), has burned for years and has brought the light of the fires to heathens in New Hampshire, Massachusets, and now through the miracle of the interweb, even Iraq.

As soon as I figure out how, I will update and snazzy-ify this page and others I contribute. (learning slowly - can't seem to unboldify the last mention of my name)


Playtester for the Burning Wheel as Jubei, aka The Dread Lord Crimsah.
Playtester beta summoning rules as Hudai.

Burning Wheel Campaigns: Past and Present

Burning Jung'gue, run by Phil
Burning Iraq, Play by email (current)
Burning Insert Cool Name Here, run by Phil (current)

Characters for Burning Insert Cool Name Here

Younger Son of the Dwarven Lord - Kram, Son of Kramji
Reluctant Servant of Kram - Noq, Son of Annoq
Last daughter of a cursed Samurai Line, a Redeemer - Kyoda Atsuko
Penitant Assassin - Yamato Jin
Gaijin Knight, on a hopeless quest - Sir Dynadin
Dynadin's young Squire - Bors
Phil's NPCs