Tribal Barbarian Setting

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This tribal setting is mainly inspired by the barbarian nations of the Hârn setting, but it can easily be used for other settings. These lifepaths assume a mainly hunter-gatherer society with limited agriculture and manufacturing. The shaman lifepaths utilise the Spirit Binding chapter from Magic Burner.

Lifepath Time Res Stat Leads
Born Wild 8 yrs 3 Servitude
Skills: 3 pts: General
Traits: 2 pts: Uncouth
* Uncouth (Dt): The barbarian way of life is unlike the feudal model. It’s hard to shake your upbringing and habits, while the so-called civilized people tend to look down on your background. +1 Ob to all social tests which are not conducted from a position of strength.

Gatherer 4 yrs 4 +1M/P Outcast, Servitude
Skills: 6 pts: Foraging, Survival, Cooking, Fire-building, Orienteering, Forage-wise
Traits: 1 pts: -
Herder 4 yrs 3 +1P Outcast, Servitude
Skills: 5 pts: Animal Husbandry, Butchery, Tracking, Staff, Predator-wise
Traits: 1 pts: Affinity for Sheep
Hunter 5 yrs 6 +1M, +1P Outcast, Servitude
Skills: 7 pts: Hunting, Tracking, Survival, Orienteering, Bow or Javelin, Game-wise
Traits: 1 pts: -
Fisher 5 yrs 6 +1P Sea, Outcast. Servitude
Skills: 6 pts: Fishing, Boatwright, Knots, Rigging, Singing, Catch-wise, Shoal-wise
Traits: 1 pts: -
Grower 7 yrs 5 +1P Peasant, Outcast, Servitude
Skills: 6 pts: Agriculture, Mending, Tree-cutting, Fire-building, Survival, Slash & Burn -wise,
Traits: 1 pts: -
Crafter 6 yrs 7 +1M/P Peasant, Outcast,Servitude
Skills: 6 pts: Mending, Tanning, Carving, Bowyer, Fletcher, Stoneworking, Materials-wise
Traits: 1 pts: Patient, Ends Must Meet
* Ends Must Meet (C-O): Barbarian crafters often have to work with less than sophisticated tools and materials. This trait is a call-on for working with poor materials and tools
Rider* 4 yrs 4 +1M/P Outcast, Soldier, Servitude
Skills: 6 pts: Riding, Horse Husbandry, Brawling, Raid-wise, Horse-wise
Traits: 1 pts: Born into Saddle
* Born into Saddle (C-O): Horse nomad barbarians start to ride as soon as they can walk. They eat, sleep and piss in the saddle. A call-on for all riding checks
Young Brave* 3 yrs 3 +1P Outcast, Soldier, Servitude
Skills: 5 pts: Brawling, Sprinting Training, Observation, Ambush-wise
Traits: 1 pts: Reckless
Mounted Warrior1 6 yrs 12 +1P Outcast, Soldier
Skills: 7 pts: Mounted Combat, Appropriate Weapons, Shield, Field Dressing
Traits: 1 pts: Affinity for Horses, Bonded Mount
* Bonded Mount (Dt): Some warriors have a very close relationship with their mount, which they have raised from the foal. These warriors get a +1D6 for all riding tests with their bonded mount. If the mount dies, the warrior will need to raise a new one, while riding no other horses in the meantime. Once this is accomplished, he will gain a Persona point.
Warrior2 5 yrs 7 +1P Outcast, Soldier
Skills: 6 pts: Appropriate Weapons, Intimidation, Shield, Skirmish Tactics, Field Dressing
Traits: 1 pts: Branded
* Branded (Dt): Many warlike tribes practice ritual scarring or tattooing of their faces. The visages of these warriors can be unnerving to opponents. When dealing with civilized people, this trait gives +1D6 for Intimidation, but also +1 Ob to all Inconspicuous, Persuasion, Seduction and Soothing Platitudes tests. When surprised by a Branded warrior, opponents suffer a +1 Ob to their Steel test.
Chieftain3 6 yrs 20 +1M Outcast
Skills: 6 pts: Oratory, Command, Persuasion, Tribe-Wise, General: 2 pts
Traits: 2 pts: Fit to Rule
* Fit to Rule (Dt): Barbarian chieftains rule by their physical prowess and personal charisma. As long as the chieftain remains undefeated in physical combat or a Duel of Wits in front of his tribe, he gains +1D6 to Command & Oratory tests. He also gets an extra +1D6 to his body of argument in any Duel of wits in front of the tribe. If the chieftain is defeated, he instead suffers +1 Ob to all social skills for the rest of his rule.
Elder4 12 yrs 4 +1M Outcast, Peasant
Skills: 6 pts: Persuasion, Ugly Truth, Folklore, Tribal History, Lineage-wise
Traits: 1 pts: -
Tribal Wife 6 yrs 3 +1M, +1P Outcast, Servitude
Skills: 6 pts: Child-rearing, Mending, Soothing Platitudes, Ugly Truth, Brewing, Family-wise
Traits: 2 pts: Lesser being
* Lesser Being (Dt):

Most barbarian nations consider women lesser beings, who are hardly above slaves in position. In such tribes, women suffer a +1 On to all social skills used in tests against men. This trait also acts as a call-on for Inconspicuous in tribal environs.

Wise Woman 8 yrs 6 +1M Outcast
Skills: 8 pts: Folklore, Herbalism, Midwifery, Ugly Truth, Falsehood, Poisons, Gossip-wise
Traits: 1 pts: Shunned, Know-it-all
Apprentice Shaman 6 yrs 12 +1M/1P Outcast
Skills: 6 pts: Spirit-binding, Herbalism, Folklore, Flasehood, Read, Write, Taboo-wise
Traits: 2 pts: Drugged Out and Broken In. Slightly Mad
* Drugged Out and Broken In (Dt): The shaman’s apprentice has to undergo countless humiliating and confusing trials and ordeals. This trait negates any traits related to pride and ego.
Shaman5 8 yrs 18 +1M,1P Outcast
Skills: 8 pts: Circination, Conspicuous, Poisons,

Oratory, Spirit-Wise, Domain-Wise, Totem-Wise

Traits: 2 pts: Traits: 2: Spirit-touched, Brook No Fools, Cryptic
* Spirit-touched (Dt):

All shamans are initiated into the mysteries of the spirit world. This trait marks the Shaman as pre-immanent for spirit binding obstacles (Spirit Binding p.4).

*: Rider and Young Brave have to be the second lifepath taken.
1: Mounted Warrior requires Rider. Mounted Warriors may purchase a war-pony for 12 rps
2: Warrior requires Young Brave.
3: Chieftain requires Warrior, Mounted Warrior or two Hunter/Fisher lifepaths.
4: Elder requires the character to be at least 35 years old after taking the lifepath.
5: Shaman requires Apprentice Shaman.