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Move to new page?

Should this page be renamed to "Magic Burner Preview" or similar, and added to a "Downloads" category? - storm

No, I don't think so.

Let's just add more downloads here, and use the TOC. No particular need for a category, I think, for now.

Re-uploading all the available downloads is boring, and slow, and I need to talk to Luke about what - of the sundry gubbins cluttering up's disk allocation - he actually wants to make available.

I'm upploading more files as we speak! --Drozdal 12:53, 21 February 2006 (MST)

You rock. I'm working on dredging up reviews to populate the section that will replace Nuke. Oy. --Isk

Who can/will update these files?

I have an updated version of the Fight! Matrix (Fight_matrix_r2.pdf) that contains the Avoid changes discussed in the forum thread that is linked to next to the download. It's nothing fancy (since I didn't have the same fonts as the original author) but I love this chart and wanted a version that was actually right.

Since I am too newbish to have upload rights, who should I send it to, or what is the submission process?

Classic Character sheets?

Are the classic character sheets hiding somewhere on this site? I found a used copy to try out real quick and I'm not familiar enough with what changed between versions to make do with the current sheet.