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I am distilling ideas here:

zipht's addends

My players have asked me what should their belief be about. My suggections are:

  • One of your belief MUST tie you into the Situation.
  • Look at those things and relationships you have. The reputation you have and your affiliations, the Tech you own. Tie those hooks into the game with your beliefs, how do they relate to you.
  • You are free to make additions to the setting, via Beliefs. Need a rival be it a character or an organization, put them in your belief.
  • Beliefs that evoke strong emotions are really good Beliefs. Love, Hate, Revenge are all good stuff.
  • Written to be rewritten, a belief should change over time, you win or lose, and move on.

Luke shares on character burning:

  • Untimently your MUST build a character with personal attachments in BE. If you've made it into play and you don't have characters whose sons, daughters, wives, husbands and mentors are on the other side of the conflict, then you skipped a step.
  • Make sure the NPCs have something that the players want. Make sure that they are doing something the players absolutely cannot tolerate.
  • You can't go forward without making yourself vulnerable. There will be action and consequence no matter what you do. In my opinion, this just makes good drama.

Sydney Freedberg on naritive authority:

If you have an idea about anything -- your character, another player's character, an NPC, something in the setting -- say it! If somebody else doesn't think it makes sense in terms of the setting, we'll talk about it; if somebody else just thinks it's lame, we'll talk about that too, not in terms of setting-logic but in terms of what we like as real people, sitting around this table playing the game. I'm GM, so it's my job to be the final arbiter of what's real and what's not. But I'm going to be working on the assumption that everything you say is cool enough to be part of the story.