Sons of the Watch

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The Sons of the Watch is a one-shot designed to show new players the interesting and unique aspects of the BW game-system. Originally concieved of as a 3 Musketeers Scenario, I mutated it to a fantasy setting based off George R.R. Martin's Song of Fire and Ice because the players I ran it with weren't interesed in the French setting. In reality, by changing the last names of the character's and the names of the places, it can fit into any setting where the City it's located in has a group of guardsmen, be they Musketeers or City Watchman. It can also be expanded to have another female character as a second daughter to the Baron.

The Hook

The peace has been kept in King’s Landing for thirty years by the Commander of the City Watch by Commander Varesse Velaryon. Friend and advisor to King Daeron Targaryen II, beloved of the people of King’s Landing, Commander Varesse has spent his life in service to the Kingdom and to the City. A stalwart supporter of peaceful tactics, Varesse had been instrumental in convincing the young King Daeron II to keep peace with Dorne. Now Varesse lies on his deathbed, suffering from a wasting sickness. The King’s Grand Maester has failed to heal him, the greatest Maesters from Oldtown have been sent for and have since returned unsuccessfully. The young King has said his goodbye’s to his old councilor and with the urge of new councilors, he has turned his attention again to threatening Dorne with war. Now Varesse lies in his bed and hasn’t woken in days. From your place in the antechamber, you can see his precious sword, Sunset, made from Valaryen steel lying by his side, clenched weakly by his once-strong hands, a testament to his heroic past.

The Characters


The fuel for this scenario is the character’s Beliefs. They are set up to be in conflict, ensuring action as soon as we play begins. Everyone wants something, who is going to get it?

The Bastard

Foras Waters is the bastard son of Varesse. He’s a bitter man with a dark past, but he still admires his father and has come to see him one last time. A man of the streets with a reputation as an amazing swordsman, Foras has very little else in the way of skills to work with.

Foras is a tricky character to play, because while he has good skills for conflict, he starts of in a bad position in this room full of nobles, being the bastard son. He won’t win his battles unless he finds proof and makes friends.

Foras, Musketeers version.

The Baron

Baron Rafael Blackmont has the most power, the most resources and the best abilities, but this means he also has the most to lose. If he doesn’t succeed in saving his friend, his land will be torn to shreds by war. He needs to maintain his poise in this, his most difficult hour and use what he has to save his friend. He has brought his daughter here by force, and she refuses to speak to him. He can only hope that she will save Varesse. He will need to use his power and influence to make things go his way.

Rafael de la Vega, Musketeers version

The Pretender

Jermaine Velaryon is killing his father. His father has held him back for his whole life, forcing Jermain to go where he tells him and do as he says. Jermaine wants to be free, he wants to be in power, and he can’t let anyone find out what he has done. He is perhaps the hardest character to play, because he has to save face and keep the truth from being discovered to survive. A solid fighter with many tricks up his sleeve, he will need all his ability to get through this trial.

Jermaine de Varèse, Musketeer version.

The Pious

Helios Templeton is in a difficult position. He’s a man of duty, a capable fighter and commander who puts the City Watch above himself. A former member of the Faith, he left because of his human failings, and his love for Lorena is tormenting him. A lowborn man, he has faith in the gods that by gaining the respect of Baron Blackmont he can prove his worth for Lorena’s hand in marriage. He is the most classically heroic of the characters and thus precariously positioned for the most tragic part. He will have the hardest choices to make, as he is key to the final resolution.

Hélios, Musketeer version.

The Maester

Lorena Blackmont always wanted to be a Maester, to learn the arts of healing from the best in Westeros, but they refused to teach females, so instead, she took advantage of the foreigners at Sunspear to learn her arts. A quick study, she rivals the oldest and most practiced Maester’s but those outside of Dorne look down upon her as a troublemaker. Lorena is a fierce believer in the Faith and despises her father for his wanton ways. She refuses to be a tool. The only one without any combat skills, Lorena will have to use her ability as a healer to get her way.

Lorena Estefania de la Vega, Musketeer version.

Her sister, Katrina Alicia de la Vega, Musketeer version only.

Diagnosing the Disease

Much of the scenario depends on how quickly Lorena can diagnose the disease. It depends on what techniques Jermaine uses to stand in her way. The diagnosis requires a ob5 test, which means she should work carefully to pull it off, use all her FoRKs and Help Dice from Helios as well. Failure means they will have to find another way to find out what’s wrong with him, but Foras has the idea, even though he may not have the proof.

Successful Circles test will find some clues, and if they do find that he’s been poisoned, they’ll need to make some Circles tests to find the poison so they can make an antidote, which will demand an ob5 resources test and an ob5 Apothecary test to make the antidote. The final outcome, if they manage to apply an antidote, will be the ob5 herbalism test to nurse Varesse back to health.

Meanwhile, Jermaine will be working against the other characters, stopping at nothing to keep them from saving his father or discovering his deception. The closer they get to healing Varesse, the closer it will be to coming to blows. If time allows, use the Fight! Mechanics or bloody Vs tests if you don’t have time.

Player Aids and Character Sheets

Bridger put together some Character Sheets and Player Aids to help you run this scenario. You can find the zip file right here. If you find anything amiss please provide feedback in this forum thread