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Stuff you are suggesting and discussion of Suggestions

Thor's thoughts

Somehow, Thor's stuff all got done. Sucks to be everyone else. - Isk

Dro's dribblings

  • We may also get some descriptions of "what the game is about?" from BW Forums

--Drozdal 10:18, 8 February 2006 (MST)

Ang's angst

  • Would it be possible to see a more tree-like information structure rather than a flat list of sections? Spells, Characters, Monsters and Lifepaths all seem connected for example. angaros Wikis don't lend themselves particularly well to heirarchical data structures in my experience, but we will certainly re-visit categorisation and sub-categorisation when there's more content knocking about. Does that meet your needs? - Isk

Luke's lovin'

I'd love to flesh out a real "about" for the game. The "about" page on the other site is out of date by two years. Needs love. I'd love to do a little "history" section in addition to the gamoid facts. I love you all. - Luke I've fixed the 'About' link in the nav. so it's the same as the one at the bottom. If you've got any 'about' copy lying around, email it to me and I can slap it in for others to edit. - Isk

Aaron's Advocacy

  • Can we add a Attributes section? I have one I'd like to add.
  • I can't upload files What do you want to upload? Those of us who are Slaves can upload files, but it's not open to the general peonage, to prevent foolish peons from eating up all of Abzu's disk allocation. - Isk

Viktor's Notions

  • I have added two templates: one for letting people stick a right-aligned contents box on a page ({{TOCright}}), and one for handily rendering template names with links, inline ({{tl}}) -- both have usage information. I can enhance the functionality of {{TOCright}} with some site-wide CSS, to allow for size-limiting the depth of headings shown in the contents box, but I'd need access to make changes to MediaWiki:Common.css.
  • User-specific JavaScript would be nice, so I can use the nice, fully featured wikkEd page editor tool, but I can well understand you might not want to widely apply user-specific JavaScript.

Add your add your suggestions, thoughts, ideas, criticisms, etc. above this line.

Stuff what Isk is fully intending to do but hasn't got around to yet.

...and needs this place to remind him.

  1. Sort out CSS for LP footnotes
  2. CSS-ify the LP template
  3. Style for example text
  4. Add the Renameuser extension to get rid of duff user names
  5. Make editor bar buttons for the standard templates.
  6. So the 'welcome' banner is a bit naff, although I still like the idea. I think maybe I should create a headline class that uses that banner as background for text to be overlaid. The only problem is that some part of the headlines are pretty much illegible in any colour (which would be why I have the tacky red 'flame' shadow effect in the JPG).

Stuff what was suggested, and is done, already.

  • Thor: Somewhere, we should put a link to Wiki Editing Help. Done - Isk
  • Thor: Can we get the Burning Wheel About Page up in the About Burning Wiki area, or get some new text up? We shouldn't leave that blank. - I added some generic stuff. The About page is all fucking images, which makes my web head bleed. Eventually, I think the plan is to replace it with content here - possibly, even, maybe, y'know as actual text. - Isk
  • Thor & Isk: Likely categories / sections / whatever: FAQ, Errata, Lifepaths, Characters, Monsters, Fevered Circle, Spells, Campaigns, Traits, News/Calendar, Downloads - added to Nav - Isk.
  • Dro: Ok this one is a big project, but it should be done: List of the People who bought limited versions of classic and revised. - Done and done. Or at least started. Put your own damn numbers in, it's a wiki! :) - Isk.
  • angaros: What do you intend to fill Fevered Circle and Campaign with? Discussions are better handled by the forum IMO. Fevered Circle would contain links to discussions of the most illuminating discussions in the Fevered Circle forum. Possibly also articles summing up what someone learned in one of those discussions. Campaigns would serve the same purpose the forum serves on Part of the problem with the forums is that people tend not to search them. Once a discussion is over, it's in the past. The wiki is a better archival tool, I think. Thor 11:14, 8 February 2006 (MST)
  • Thor: Once we get the sections up, we should set up a nice TOC along with decent introductory text on the main page. - started. More to follow. - Isk.
  • Thor: How about adding an explanation to the Main page on how to add new content. i.e., go to your user page, edit it, enter [[ <Name of Subject I want to create a page for> ]], then post it. Click on the red link created. Edit that page to enter your content. at the end of the content, write [[ <Category: Name of Category the subject belongs in> ]] - started. More to follow. - Isk.
  • Dro: Link page (in RIM)- with fanpages, blogs about the BW campaigns and games and resources (character sheets / revews ect.). - a Links page will be up in a few minutes. - Isk.
  • Thor: We should develop either a master templates page or branches off the various sections (lifepaths, traits, spells, characters, etc.) that provide templates for posting this stuff. We want it all to be uniform. - I'm working on this: Burning Templates. Really only spells left. - stormy You're a rockstar, stormy. I will figure out how best to add them to the editing buttons. - Isk | I added spells and spell songs to the template list. I could do a "standard" character template at some future point, if desired. - stormy - The inimitable Stormy took care of this. RoXtar.