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How do I create a new page?

With Search

  1. Search for the page. Someone might have got there first.
  2. If it doesn't turn up, try again using the 'Go' button.
  3. It still won't turn up, but near the top of the page there's a 'this exact title'.
  4. Click that link, and you'll be able to edit a new page - with the title you searched for.

From Scratch

  1. Edit to your user page.
  2. Add a section of things you're working on.
  3. In that section, put a new link, like so:
    [[My New Page]]
  4. Save the change, and then click on the new link to edit the new page.

How do I add my page to a Category?

  1. Edit the page you want to add.
  2. At the bottom, put
    [[Category:Category Name]]
  3. Save the page.
  4. (See the bottom of this page for an example).

How do I make a link have different text?

Use a pipe symbol, '|', thus:
appears as Isk.

How do I add an external link?

[ External Link]
appears as External Link

How do I rename a page?

To the right of the 'edit' tab on every page is a 'move' tab. Moving is equivalent to renaming a page.