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This is the Main Page of the Mouse Guard Wiki.

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Origins Game of the Year 2009


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Form-Fillable Character Sheet

[Download (1.19MB Icon PDF.gif)]

GM and Character Sheets

Includes map of the Mouse Territories, GM Record and Conflict Sheets, blank Character Sheet, and filled sheets for Kenzie, Lieam, Sadie, and Saxon. [Download (6.6MB Zip)]

Form-Fillable Character Creation Worksheet

Fan-made worksheet to help track character creation steps. [Download (247 kB Icon PDF.gif)]

Convention Flyer

Fan-made convention flyer. [Download (86 kB Icon PDF.gif)]

Playing Cards

(With kind permission of both Luke Crane and David Petersen.)

Fan-made Cards - Conditions, Conflict Actions, Weapons - and Tokens - Disposition, Fate and Persona. [Download)]

Character Sheets for the Sample Missions

Character sheets for the mice that feature in the Sample Missions chapter of the rulebook. [Download (~9MB ZIP)]

Blank Mouse Character Image

David Petersen's drawing of a "naked" mouse in two poses. Print out, customise the picture with a cape and weapons and whatever else you like, then colour in.

Download (1800x1200 JPEG)

Realm Guard Character Sheet

Character Sheet for Patrick's excellent Realm Guard hack. [Download (~1MB ZIP)]

Mouse Guard Skills Test Sheet

Flow sheet for Mouse Guard Skills Tests. Check this out! (3MB)

Mouse Guard Skill Factors Sheet

Two-page summary sheet that thumbnails skill details: what helps them, what supplies they use, what their factors are; includes basic help for tests, and details on abilities as well. Meant as a companion for the Flow Sheet for skill tests [Download PDF (~120 KB)] Alternate link: [Download PDF (~120 KB)] [Download Pages source (~240 KB)]