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Concept: Ruvgeny's sickly younger sister. Although he has taken over the role of caretaker for her since their parents' deaths, she is determined to make her own way in the world independently—in fact, she often thinks that is Ruvgeny who needs her help. A mere waif of a girl, Lizelotta is always on the brink of starvation; only her nigh-supernatural ability to wheedle the occasional kopek out of the townsfolk has kept her and her brother alive.

Character Name: Lizelotta

Background: A poor villager from Velten, orphaned several years ago

Lifpaths: Born Villager, Beggar

Age: 15

Stats: Pe B2, Wi B4, Ag B4, Sp B4, Po B4, Fo B4

Attributes: Ref B3, Ste B3, He B2, MW B10, Hes 6, Res B0, Cir B2

PTGS: Su B3, Li B5, Mi B7, Se B8, Tr B9, Mo B10

Skills: Inconspicuous B2, Conspicuous B2, Streetwise B2, Falsehood G4, Persuasion B2

Gear: Clothes, Shoes, Traveling Gear




Relationships: Ruvgeny (brother), Alexei Alexandrovitch, the town bully (inimical relationship)

Traits: Lame (twisted leg), The Story (call-on for Falsehood), Child Prodigy (brilliant liar)


Beliefs: 1: Ruvgeny has some clever schemes up his sleeve, but he needs my help to pull them off. 2: I don't want to be a beggar forever; I must take the first opportunity that comes to make a connection with someone wealthier than me. 3: Alexei Alexandrovitch needs to pay for his years of tormenting me; I will manipulate Ruvgeny's big dumb friend Uther into beating the crap out of him for me.

Instincts: Always beg passersby for spare change. Never rely on Ruvgeny to look out for me. If asked what happened to my leg, lie about it.

Artha: Fate: 1 Persona: 1 Deeds: 0
Campaign: Opportunities