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A drow campaign set in Menzoberranzan during the War of the Spider Queen (Lolth is silent, her Priestess no longer have access to Faith and are scurrying to hide the fact from the general population). Our story concerns several minor Houses, two of which, House Hun'arn and House Rilyntlar (our heroes' House) formed an alliance in order to attack another, more powerful House, House Torana. The attack failed and now House Rilyntlar and House Hun'arn await the anvil that will inevitably fall.

The youngest sister of House Rilyntlar (Jhysiira) has taken the opportunity to move against her elder sister (Zarbreena) and her Mother (Tristana) in order to move to the throne more quickly. To do this, she'll be using Nefryn, helping him to gain status within the rogue group, Bregan D'Aerthe, a band of outcast males.


Valatar Rilyntlar

Nefryn Do'rue


Weaponmaster Siyavash - Weaponmaster to House Rilyntlar
Jhysiira Rilyntlar - sister to one character; love interest of Nefryn
Zarbreena Rilyntlar - older sister; next in line to become Matron Mother
Tristana Rilyntlar - Matron Mother of House Rilyntlar
Nalrysn - Commanding Officer to Nefryn in Bregan D'Aerthe
Yasaryll Torana - Sorceress and youngest daughter of House Torana; considered an outcast by her family.
Malagerd Torana - Only male child of Torana family; master strategic planner.

Play Posts

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

We're continuing this campaign on a play by post site called Myth Weavers, you can find the game here