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Conquest Maneuver Chart

Conquest Maneuver Skill Summary
MANEUVER Conquest Skills Independent Obstacles Effects

(requires prior succesful Assess)

Accounting, Artillerist, Extortion, Intimidation, Oratory, Rhetoric, Siege Engineer, Strategy, Tactics, Torture, Weapon Skill, War Engineer Ob 1 Successes over obstacle are subtracted from the target's disposition. Requires a conflict scene.
Assess Accounting, Aura Reading, Bureaucracy, Cryptography, Logistics, Inconspicuous, Interrogation, Observation, Research, Rune Casting, Streetwise, Torture Ob 2 If succesful, you may direct Assaults, Onslaughts, and Gambits against the assessed target. No conflict scene.
Conserve Accounting, Administration, Architect, Cryptography, Engineer, Estate Management, Fortifications, Instruction, Logistics, Tactics, Ship Management, Shipwright Do not roll against independent actions. Successes reduce all versus actions. Extra successes can be allocated to increasing your disposition or generating downtime for your faction. No conflict scene.
Ensnare Bureaucracy, Cartography, Conspicuous, Counterfeiting, Cryptography, Disguise, Etiquette, Extortion, Falsehood, Forgery, Mimicry, Munitions, Poisonous Platitudes, Poisons, Seduction, Strategy, Streetwise, Tactics, Theatrics, Torture, Trapper, Vile Poisoner Do not roll against independent actions. In a successful versus test against declared target, the enemy’s successes hurt their disposition and the ensnaring side must sacrifice disposition equal to the margin of success. Requires conflict scene. Ensnare successes defend against other versus tests.
Fortify Administration, Architect, Blacksmith, Bureaucracy, Engineer, Estate Management, Fence Building, Fortifications, Hallmaster, Instruction, Links, Logistics, Munitions, Oratory, Rhetoric, Ship Management, Soldiering, Strategy, Tactics, War Art Ob 2 Disposition increases by margin of success. Must overcome all attacker's successes and uses the smallest margin of success to increase disposition. No Conflict Scene.

(requires prior succesful Assess)

Bureaucracy, Cryptography, Counterfeiting, Extortion, Firebombs, Forgery, Logistics, Munitions, Seduction, Strategy, Tactics

Ob 1 Sacrifice 3 points of your disposition. Extra successes are subtracted directly from opponent’s disposition. Bypasses the defenses of Ensnare, Fortify and Harry completely. Requires Conflict Scene.
Harry Accounting, Counterfeiting, Doctrine, Forgery, Law, Oratory, Rhetoric, Orienteering, Poisons, Tactics, Strategy, Ugly Truth, Vile Poisoner Ob 1 Divide dice fractionally between defending your disposition and attacking your enemy. You must have at least 2 dice in each pool. Your defense successes reduce all versus enemy's successes and your attack margin of success reduces the target's disposition. Does not work at all against Gambit.
Infiltrate Cryptography, Counterfeiting, Disguise, Falsehood, Forgery, Etiquette, Extortion, Foreign Languages, Inconspicuous, Interrogation, Mimicry, Orienteering, Poisons, Seduction, Soothing Platitudes, Stealthy, Streetwise, Poisonous Platitudes, Vile Poisons Target's Circles Exponent. Margin of success becomes advantage dice to next maneuver against target. Succesful Infiltrate allows Ploy and Sap maneuvers against target.

(requires prior succesful Assess)

Artillerist, Siege Engineer, War Engineer, Munitions, Strategy, Tactics, Torture, Weapon Skill Ob 1 Add +3D the maneuver skill for the test. Extra successes are deducted from the target's disposition. If the Onslaught does not reduce the target's disposition to zero, then the player who scripted the Onslaught must hesitate for the next Maneuver, though he can still participate in scenes.

(requires prior succesful Infiltrate)

Counterfeiting, Cryptography, Etiquette. Falsehood, Forgery, Heraldry, Intimidation, Persuasion, Poisonous Platitudes, Oratory, Rhetoric, Seduction, Soothing Platitudes, Tactics, Theatrics, Ugly Truth Target's Skill Exponent. Any target you beat loses a number of disposition points equal to your margin of success. If you fails to generate enough successes to damage either of the targets, then you lose 3 points of your disposition.

(requires prior succesful Infiltrate)

Accounting, Administration, Brass Trumpet, Brazen Horn of Despair, Counterfeiting, Excavation, Extortion, Firebombs, Firebuilding, Munitions, Poison, Siege Engineer, Strategy, Tactics, Torture, Tree Cutting/Pulling, Vile Poisoner, War Engineer Target's Skill Exponent. The margin of success is subtracted from the target’s next maneuver. If targets skill is reduced to zero, they may not test for that maneuver and any extra successes are subtracted from their disposition. In addition, when you have successfully Sapped an opponent, you get one increment of Downtime and the opponent is forced to make a Resources Maintenance Test with an increased Obstacle = to your margin of success.

Conquest Log

Conquest Choronicle
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Political Placement          
Starting Dispositions          
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