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Luke Crane is an award-winning gamer designer living in New York City. He spends much of his time playing his games, Burning Wheel and Burning Empires. When he’s not playing, he’s researching his next project, managing the Manhattan Mayhem women’s roller derby team or barking up the wrong tree.


Thor is the embodiment of aged wisdom. It is said that he has lived long enough to witness the destruction of the world three times over. In that vast span, he has managed to accumulate an unimaginable store of knowledge. In fact, he knows a little something about everything, and most everything about anything.

The ancient beast will impart some of his wisdom to seekers of knowledge, but only at his own pleasure. He can rarely be induced to do what he does not desire. However, Thor is constantly thirsty, and should he be found traveling between oases, his confidence might be won with a bit of drink.

Despite his terrifying visage, Thor is in no way a violent creature. He will do his utmost to abstain from violence. (In his wisdom, he recognizes that this is the surest way to cut short his endless life.)

Another quirk of Thor: No matter how knowledgeable he seems, his conveyance of information is always imperfect. There is always some small detail missing or misappropriated.


Alexander "Iskander" Newman is an aging bald geek homo from Astoria. His blend of colonial imperialism, double entendre and entrancement with all things phallic is almost as endearing as his carnivorous nature and his eidetic memory (he swears that trait was not written for him, but it might as well have been). He likes tea, cucumber sandwiches, gin and houseboys. He has been a Sting song for 8 years, which he will sing on request, when he's had a lot to drink.


After suffering in the trenches of The Forbidden Planet in NYC with Luke during the early 90's, I decided to live life out of a van, touring the world & drumming behind some of the silliest acts of all time. In between tour dates, BWHQ was the last safe bastion of insanity for me. We played AD&D (E.G.G. RIP) & Shadowrun, mostly, and then began play-testing the ever-evolving Burning Wheel. I am probably most infamous for playing the nefarious H. Simplex III in the early BW campaign, and quitting ( or did I get kicked out?) the group after revealing the location of Gronti's PC Kublai, to his nemesis by urinating his name in the snow. I don't even remember why I was, erm, pissed! Nearly several decades later, well, things haven't changed a bit - I'm still drumming for cartoonish bands with little or no commercial potential and we still spew vitriol and mutual animosity at each other across the exact same BWHQ tables we used to!

Most famous Luke quote: "We're not here to have fun, we're here to fucking play my fucking game!" All praises to Luke & BWHQ!


Anthony fell into this group of lunatics sometime in late 2004, and

from there it has been a crazy whirlwind of fights, bitching, crying, and every so often we play some games. He pays his bills as a computer programmer, but otherwise spends his free time playing judo, seeing movies, or just bumming around New York.


Chris moved from Michigan to NYC in the early nineties, and promptly became a lab rat for what would eventually become The Burning Wheel. When he's not daydreaming about how to burn up the most appealing characters using the least amount of lifepaths, he is burning out his eyes in front of a computer in his career as a graphic designer/animator.


Drozdal is ugly. He claims that he was raised in the far away land of brine, salt and sepia colors - which is obviously a fabrication. Some people heard him saying that after many adventures he arrived in NYC where he resides (in a foster-house) up till this very day. Other tales mention that old man Luke actually adopted him as his +1 european for prestige (and the fact that he would not have to pay him anything).

Drozdal likes to play games that he wins. He likes his computer and console games retro and his roleplaying games not-so much (except for HARN),. Having been graced with both functioning ears he enjoys music, but sadly he is very likely to enjoy the kind of music that you and everyone else hate and despise. He gets his sustinence out of non-meat products (air) and uses his immaculate knowledge of the ancestral-polish complaining to get away with a lot of things in life. He is hated by many and admired by none. You are actually probably hating him right now (as you should!). What an asshole.


In one of the greatest acts of naiveté in her young life, Katie answered a Craigslist ad to be the personal assistant to a game designer in the spring of 2007. To the continued surprise of all parties involved she has managed to maintain some semblance of sanity even in the face of repeated exposure to Luke Crane and the cult of the Burning Wheel. When she is not sorting through Burning Wheel related insanity Katie is a full time student at Parsons School of Design where she studies game design and makes creepy electronics-filled stuffed animal interactive sculptures.


Realizing that they were finally ready to start a family, Thor, Luke, and Dro adopted a small child from the mountains of Mexico in the summer of 2005. When they arrived to recover their new progeny at a samurai film festival in lower Manhattan, they discovered a serious shipping error but decided to go through with the process as an act of mercy. In return for their charity, they learned how to love again. Mayuran is now a freelance film producer and anarchist childcare provider in New York City. Though he has lived all over, he hails from the distant land of Sri Lanka via Britain and suburban Pennsylvania.


Peter's been gaming some version of BW with Luke since before there was BW. Because of this, there's years worth of outdated rules stuck in his head, causing him confusion over the simplest of rule questions. He helped edit and write parts of BW Classic and developed the Roden for the Monster Burner. He produces Web sites for a living. His interests include Cryptozoology - specifically Bigfoot!

How I fell into the BW crew: In 1991, I joined Luke's Shadowrun game that he ran while we were both at NYU. We've been gaming together ever since. When BW first went public, I took the fire to RPGnet. The flames are still flickering!


I fell in with Luke in the fall of 1991 when we were both freshmen in college looking to pass time and make some friends in a new setting with a familiar hobby. I met much of the other crew shortly thereafter. We've been friends and playing games together ever since. Since graduating from college I tried out one career in public service in Washington--in some ways a complete joy, in others profoundly disillusioning--and slipped into another, practicing law, back in New York--less highs and lows, but better pay. When I get the time I like to travel--not that I've been anywhere interesting in the past 8 years--

Interests/Hobb == ies: playing BW/yelling at Luke, yelling at the news, yelling at my cheating computer games, and indulging in the occasional libation.


Shyaporn Theerakulstit is a graduate of New York University with degrees in Theater and Philosophy. It was at NYU that he met his current roommates, including Burning Wheel creator Luke Crane. Shy is also a degree holder at the Chinese Kung Fu Wu Su Association, where he has studied under Grandmaster Alan Lee for 10 years. He has directed and performed in numerous theater productions, starred in several independent feature films and commercials and is currently enjoying meager success as a D-List YouTube "ceWebrity." He has also spent several years working in the financial industry, been an office temp, washed dishes, bused tables, ran marathons, designed websites, written children's books and made toys. He enjoys yoga, hiking, camping, kayaking and soccer and is a fair hand in the kitchen. He was also a member of the Superfriends, under the alias Samurai, until 1986, when he lost his wind powers in a "boating accident."

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