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This is broken right now. I'll fix it when I get a chance. Sorry! - Isk.

Where in the World Are We?

<googlemap lat="35" lon="-30" width="800" height="600" zoom="2" controls="small"> 40.74670424795305,-73.99243712425232,Abzu, Burning Wheel HQ 40.78026318235128,-73.95118206739425,Thor, Casa de Thor 40.75696123684052,-73.92272114753723,Isk, Astoria 40.833331,-73.94348,stormsweeper,Chez Stormy 39.949934353261945,-75.14506816864014,Mike V, My Work Copy Lives Here 42.263224763399656,-88.15393209457397, The Fauxlack Bitches!, casa de senkowsk 40.729124706996934,-73.99920165538788,Kublai,Kublai's Korner 47.6552346352088,-122.33721077442169,zabieru, for the summer. 37.02009820136811,-76.640625,khelek, "The Burg" - No one to play with (yet). 58.5916536145714,16.185779571533203,angaros, hic sunt monstres! 40.714647059242964,-73.90281647443771,Dro, "Drozdal's Grotto". 36.09124526936123,-94.14337992668152,Steven, "Chez Kudzu" 54.209444002465666,16.180458068847656,Drozdal, the mines of Poland 43.70759350405294,-80.15625,Viktor Haag, Fiery Shores 43.084310566406344,-89.37420845031738,Victor, The Middle of Madison, WI. 36.18376206391516,-94.5618286728859,Kruug, "Kruug's Cave" 35.137879119634185,-81.46430969238281,donbaloo, Donbaloo HQ 36.10237644873644,-83.759765625,Gaerik, Gaerik, Gaerik's Cave 38.80118939192326,-89.9505615234375,Brantai, SIUE, Working on starting a game. 38.786076921277136,-77.08578050136566,Nmarshall, "zipht's abode, if your really nice maybe room from one more.". 52.31780883784806,-0.17052948474884033,Nellkyn, Godmanchester, Looking for players or a GM 32.798385970025585,-96.7664623260498,Lawson, Burning Dawn, Players needed. 50.05008477838258,19.93194580078125,Seji, Krakow, Poland. 50.12057809796007,19.951171875,Deckard, GM Dragon Lore or another pathetic name 53.3206330707648,-1.5165209770202637,First Age, "Furnace in Sheffield UK". 53.25272995944841,-6.1238425970077515,Raegenhere, "Dublin, Ireland". 40.75629482445485,-73.93084287643433,ozark1, Burning Isis headquarters 47.35509524475356,-122.30674624443054,Mauser, There are some BWers around here but unfortunately I have neither joined nor created a cabal 43.66600900092618,-79.38712120056152,Kevin Brennan, My Apartment 47.357664518690434,-122.31319427490234,,Mauser, Home, there are some BWers here but |I have not yet joined them or seduced any others 39.10130837968288,-121.34542107582092, BobusX, "Realm of the Bobites". 34.04583232505719,-117.037353515625,Karl Kreder, Always looking for more Burning Wheel and Burning Empire Players =D 40.58058466412761,-74.1796875,AndyAction, Xiaolin (S.I., NY) - looking for a worthy group to play BW on the Rock. -=AA 34.00519173349225,-117.02549278736115,ZeOtter, Always looking for gamers I GM and play most RPG's. 40.7980870753293,-73.97292137145996,mtiru, Mayuran lives here. You don't. 44.956933019597365,-93.28001976013184,Dana Johnson, Looking for a game! 52.09,5.23,Tobias, Drop a line if you're in the country. 36.731352111848764,-95.92203855514526,Mike Huxley 39.779358126359035,-85.99519371986389,Tony Hamilton, I would love to get in on a game. 55.677584411089526,12.48046875,Thomas Munkholt, GM'ing a Burning Warhammer campaign in Copenhagen, Denmark. 44.944389445164354,-93.10089111328125,Erik Jordan, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 49.224772722794825,-123.15673828125,Chris Geisel, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canuckia 53.563151688426984,10.04150390625, Janning Cunis, Hamburg, Germany, Trying to get my players burnt by the spark of their imagination. 36.042449748033086,-94.23733234405518, Tim PattersonFarmington, Arkansas, Running Burning Tempus. -32.28684239333882,115.73375701904297,Russell HoyleRockingham, Western Australia, Burning Undermountain. 49.88909799444433,-97.1399974822998,Jon Slack, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. GM of The Frozen Vise, a Burning Wheel Epic. 39.059283269548196,-95.69027423858642,Edge, Kaw Valley Babylon -37.784011442629286,144.97163772583008,McShane is Burning Time. -37.77044335228536,145.0051975250244,Justin 28.0254889264992,-81.73083543777466,Glenn 40.54093880017256,-74.38430786132812,[[User:Armadillo][Doug]],Always interested to hear about games in the area. 45.445499627510244,-73.72233867645263,User:DaveLawson Sanjwise's loyal convert 51.04410565036481,-114.10351037979126,User:DwightNo, I don't actually live at the Sentry Box. 33.621954418321195,-112.01353311538696,The Dragon MasterBurning Greed. Still writing out the campaign, interested in any games nearby. -22.926,-43.18,WtrmuteStill learning the ropes, I look forward to hosting a few games... 45.644768217751924,-122.87109375,User:Phasmaphobic, New to the game, Portland OR 50.96810306196809,-114.06782627105713,User:Deadlytoque, Long-time RPGer, new to Burning Wheel, but very keen to give it a spin. 51.44237249175685,-0.03506183624267578,Salar Yes, I do live in this car! 45.89000815866184,-72.0703125,Jimi Of Clan Bok. 48.1367666796927,17.16064453125,Bifi, playing BE on Rana Terra and designing Lovecraft Ghoul Lifepaths into the BW. 45.528659145043044,-122.60261535644531,Blackberry, Portland OR, Starting a new campaign in my own world of Sevrea. 37.51626173528878,-121.9647216796875,Elysium, Fremont CA. Interested in hearing about any BW games in my area. 47.91306301059524,-122.09848880767822,Zak Arntson, Snohomish, WA (near Seattle). I have no end of desire to try out this game. 41.98756700839311,-88.68696212768554,cusidhe, Sycamore, IL. I am going to start a BW game soon, "The Burnig Dales", and am looking for a GM. 44.23767806393154,-76.49220764636993,Eric, Kingston, ON, Canada. Current game is Evendim Twilight, a tale of Middle Earth. 60.178361467837234,24.94523048400879,JetSetWilly, Helsinki, Finland. Hoping to try BW in a homebrew setting. 36.08626867141636,-94.19458866119385,Jeremiah, Fayetteville, Arkansas. 19.72534224805787,-99.404296875,René López, Mexico City, in search of players for La Rueda Encendida. 52.49719155477586,13.447217345237732,Ningauble, The Cave 64.13511991115412,-21.951863765716553,Calani, Reykjavík, Iceland. 53.25617677898416,-113.54850769042969,Papaganoush, Leduc, Alberta, Canada 26.322037025623086,127.75691986083984,tmerren, Mihama, Okinawa Japan. Looking for players 50.2612538275847,18.6328125,hybrydowa 50.23135372884867,18.661136627197266,Darken Yupe, it's very peacefull town in the Poland. -36.909858, 174.650517,wombleton Looking for a player or two. 41.439709, 2.175660,AdralGreetings from Barcelona! </googlemap>


Add yourself to the Burning World:

  1. Edit this page (with the map on it, not the whole page!)
  2. Above the editing controls, click 'show map'
  3. Find yourself on the smaller map that appears
  4. Go down to the edit window, and put the cursor on the last line of the googlemap definition (where it says </googlemap>)
  5. Go back to the small map, and click where you want to add your location: a marker will appear where you clicked
  6. Click the marker, and then click the popup link that says 'add point here' (not 'add map')
  7. Go back down to the edit window, and it should have added your longitude and latitude with a helpful "label goes here"
  8. Replace the automatic text with a link to your user page, your campaign name and whether or not you're looking for players or a GM


<googlemap lat="35" lon="-30" width="800" height="600" zoom="2" controls="small">
40.74670424795305,-73.99243712425232,[[User:Abzu|Abzu]], Burning Wheel HQ
40.78026318235128,-73.95118206739425,[[User:Thor Olavsrud|Thor]], Casa de Thor
40.75696123684052,-73.92272114753723,[[User:Iskander|Isk]], Astoria

Note: Do not add a new googlemap tag, just add your info at the bottom of the current one, just before the </googlemap>.

Note 2: Do not add your locations to examples! Add them to the map instead.