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Obstacle vs. Number of Dice Rolled

The rules for rating tests as routine, difficult and challenging on page 41 don't match the chart on page 42, and have both gaps and overlaps. The chart is considered more definitive, but it differs between various printings of the rulebook. It should look like this:

xD Routine Difficult Challenging
1D: Ob 1* Ob 1* Ob 2+
2D: Ob 1 Ob 2 Ob 3+
3D: Ob 1-2 Ob 3 Ob 4+
4D: Ob 1-2 Ob 3-4 Ob 5+
5D: Ob 1-3 Ob 4-5 Ob 6+
6D: Ob 1-4 Ob 5-6 Ob 7+
7D: Ob 1-4 Ob 5-7 Ob 8+
8D: Ob 1-5 Ob 6-8 Ob 9+
9D: Ob 1-6 Ob 7-9 Ob 10+
10D: Ob 1-7 Ob 8-10 Ob 11+

xD - Actual number of dice rolled for the test, excluding only dice obtained from Artha.

*A 1D versus Ob 1 test may be considered either Routine or Difficult, depending what the character needs to advance. Advancing an exponent 1 skill is really easy.


Supernatural and Heroic shaded weapons vs. Armor

Higher shaded weapons ignore lower shaded armor. Forum discussion

v White Armor Gray Armor Black Armor
White Weapon Test Ignores Ignores
Gray Weapon: Test Test Ignores
Black Weapon Test Test Test

v - Please read the table from left to right

Relationships, Circles, Affiliations and Reputations

Building Relationships

Relationship Aptitude should be calculated differently. Instead of 10 - [Circles exponent], it should be

10 - [Base Circles exponent + Affiliations and Reputations used on the test]. [BWR p.119]

For example, I'm playing Don Ramiro, chief of King Fernando's warband. I make a Circles roll for him to find a knight in the warband. His Circles is B2, and I throw in my King Fernando's Warband 2D affiliation and my Canny Warchief 2D reputation. I rolled 6D in the Circles test to find the knight, so I have a Relationship Aptitude of 4 with that knight (10 - 6 = 4). If I use my Circles to find that knight 3 more times, he becomes a Relationship.


Advancing a Resources B0

On page 91, under Advancing Resources, it doesn't say anything about how I advance a Resources B0 to Resources B1.

A single successful Resources test will advance a Resources B0 to Resources B1. Loans, Help and Linked tests can provide the dice necessary to make such a test.

Resources and FoRKs

On page 85, under Resources vs Obstacle, it says, "All of the rules apply—helping, FoRKs, artha, and advancement."

However, in the next section, FoRKs, the book says, "Players may not FoRK their skills into Resources."

Which is it?

The FoRKs section is correct. Skills may not be FoRKed into Resources. Helping and artha may be used on Resources. Players can also get Advantage Dice for Resources tests via Linked Tests as described under Linked Tests and Resources on page 85.

Duel of Wits

Gray Will

Extrapolating from page 254, in Power and IMS under Heroic and Supernatural Stats it seems like there should be a bonus to BoA for a character with a Gray Will.

Characters with a Gray Will get +2 to their BoA.

Avoid the Topic

Older versions of the book state that the Avoid the Topic action tests "Will plus skill FoRKs." This is incorrect, as you cannot FoRK skills into stats. You should just use Will. Supporting thread.

Range and Cover

Stats plus FoRKs?

In the Range and Cover rules in some versions of the book, the rules occasionally advise you to roll Stats plus Skill FoRKs for positioning tests. This is incorrect: skill FoRKs may not be used to help Stats. Just roll Stats plus advantage dice. Supporting thread.