[OUTSTANDING SHIPPING] Parsely Action Castle Kickstarter: HARDCOPY + SHIRT



OUTSTANDING SHIPPING for Parsely: Featuring ACTION CASTLE and Other Adventurers Kickstarter Backers!

By purchasing this, you are purchasing shipping via USPS International Priority Mail for your Kickstarter Backer Reward. 

We will continue to fulfill your orders as long as we have stock of Parsely.


Hello Parsely Hardcopy and T-Shirt Backers!

Parsely has arrived at our warehouses and we are gearing up to ship it shortly. We’re emailing you today because we can’t send your physical rewards for your Hardcopy and T-Shirt until we’ve received payment for the shipping costs of your Parsely order. To ensure you receive your outstanding copy, click on this link and remit payment via PayPal. We have created a “product” in the Burning Store with options that reflect the cost of shipping by region.

PLEASE NOTE: It is vitally important that your shipping address within PayPal is identical to the address you submitted during your KS Backer’s Survey.

Please ensure that your shipping address is correct BEFORE remitting payment.

Also, if you are using an ALIAS or PSEUDONYM in your Kickstarter Profile that is different from your PayPal user profile, please do your best to let us know about this either by changing your shipping information via PayPal or using the NOTES portion of your PayPal payment to alert us to who you are within KS.

If you have any questions about this process, please email Geoff, the BWHQ Tenderpaw: geoff@burningwheel.com

Thanks again!
Burning Wheel