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Thread: Questions on Altering Beliefs.

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    Default Questions on Altering Beliefs.

    Okay so we had a psychic duel (more like a mind rape) tonight in the game. Which was all cool and I noted that I wanted to modify the PCFON's belief as part of my objective. At least I thought I did. This is our first Psychic Duel ever, the previous game had no Psychologists in it.

    1. What does modify mean exactly? The word suggest just altering the wording of a belief, but keeping some of it. However it could mean a complete rewrite. I've seen the complete rewrite suggested in another thread.

    2. Do I choose the belief to alter or do I offer the PC a new belief and he can discard (perhaps temporarily) one of his other beliefs. Again this is something I saw in that earlier thread (from someone who played the game with Luke, so it seemed to have some plausibility.)

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    1. You can rewrite it, but it's got to be in context. No "You think you are a chicken" Beliefs.

    2. The victorious psychologist dictates the new content, the defeated player determines where it goes.
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