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    25/03 Update

    Alright, it seems that my chances of finding a game in London are pretty slim. Thus, lets move on to fleshing out the Roll20 game!

    First, some logistics. I can comfortably play any day of the week from 19:30 UTC+0. I also might be able to make it 18:30 or somewhere in between as my working hours are quite flexible, but I cannot promise that right now. Ideally I'd like to have game sessions once a week for three to four hours on average - if we find a group that is willing to play more, then great. If we can only get a consistent two hours per week, also cool, as long as we actually keep playing regularly. I believe it is crucial to any long-term campaign to keep the appropriate pace. I do not expect a video, but voice is a must - this speeds the game up significantly. We are going to use roll20 for sheets and rolls, voice communication can be also roll20, Skype or Discord, depending on what's the most convenient to the group.

    Here are some of my ideas for a campaign. I narrowed it down to only three, but I am absolutely open to other suggestions as well and I expect that the players will help me shape these both before and after we actually start playing. This is to make sure we are on the same page regarding the world, surroundings, characters and what we can expect from the game moving forward.

    For the power, money and hidden political agenda!
    The most noobie-friendly concept, where the players are a team of Scarlet Guard soldiers. Scarlet Guard is a militaristic organisation on the employ of Christopher Hibbs, the local head of the Trinity Church, which is the leading faith of the northern kingdoms. Hibbs is a very powerful man who has the ear of king Karl, which means he can do pretty much whatever he likes, and so can his people. As a result, Scarlet Guard is feared for its ruthlessness and efficiency. In essence, it is is a medieval equivalent of Gestapo, CIA or MI5/MI6 combined, but they all answer to Hibbs first and foremost. He seems to be very loyal to the king, but there is no denying he plays his own political game as well, and nobody knows what his true motives are!

    What you can expect: Black ops, investigations, skirmishes, law-enforcement, fighting heresy, interrogations, clear objectives, episodic nature
    What you shouldn't expect: High fantasy, lots of magic, court intrigue, world-shaking events, sandbox, great overarching plots

    Overall, this is a relatively simple campaign in which you get assignments and a lot of freedom in choosing how you want to complete them. There will be some magic and supernatural phenomena, but not much. I played a few one-shots using this framework and my players seemed to enjoy it.

    Project Castleville
    A bit more advanced concept where the players are soldiers serving a small local lord who resides in a castle overseeing several villages. There is only roughly twenty of you, plus a few squires and some servants, all holed up in your small castle while war is raging on the outside. Against the will of your lord, you take half of the castle's crew and go visit your fiefs to gather money, food and news. When you return, the castle is under attack by a small force of brigands, who managed to sneak into the courtyard. You repel the attackers, but you lose some good men in the process - including your lord. Now you need to figure out what to do - staying in the castle gives you the best chances of survival, but you cannot just sit idly and wait for a force strong and determined enough to capture your lands.

    What you can expect: Sandbox-ish campaign, resource management, base-building, skirmishes, negotiations, siege
    What you shouldn't expect: Political intrigue, all-out war, heroic deeds, mysteries

    Let's face it - you are no match for the forces that fill these lands. You cannot defeat them now and you won't be able to do that in the future. Your objective is to survive, no matter who gains control over these lands. To do that, you will need to tread carefully, use your resources wisely and eventually side with one of the groups. Your castle is key - who holds the keep also holds the surrounding territories. It might be worth ensuring there is something left to govern after the war, too!

    If I tell you, I will be forced to kill you
    The most advanced and difficult plot, ideally I'd play that with people well-versed in Burning Wheel and its magic system already. You are all a group of mages, scholars, seekers of knowledge. For some reason you were expelled from the Academies - maybe you dabbled into forbidden arts, sacrificed your students for the sake of experiment or tried to steal the magical artifacts sealed in the tombs below. Whatever it was, you have found like-minded individuals and together you ventured north, far from the reach of your former colleagues. You also know that this time nothing will stop you from gaining power and knowledge that you deserve!

    What you can expect: Building a secret cabal, forgotten knowledge, supernatural phenomena, power struggle, mysteries
    What you shouldn't expect: Clear objectives, swordfighting, heroic deeds

    The reason I say this is the most complex campaign is because it assumes you are all mages. Magic system is quite complex and it would be best if all players were confident what their characters represent and what they want and can do. You'd also need to build your influence in the city pretty much from scratch using your wits and considerable powers. I do not require you all to be some crazy maniacs/necromancers/demon lovers etc, but I expect you to be quite fixated on making this city your base of operations. I will challenge you and your fledgeling organisation and you may be forced to do some mean things in order to win this struggle.

    Hi all, I have recently moved to London, which means I have no players to play with. I currently live in Hayes and work near Victoria station, so if there is a group that would like to adopt me or someone who would be willing to build a new gaming group, please let me know! If that does not work, I will be setting up a Roll20 campaign instead, because online gaming is better than no gaming.

    If I do not find a group in London, I would be very eager to play a Burning Wheel game but using The Riddle of Steel combat system. If you do not know TRoS, that is not a problem, I can teach you all you need to know! I have several ideas for a storyline for this game, but I like my players to be involved in the worldbuilding as well, at least to some extent. I do lean towards darker games though, with a lot of morally grey areas and where players need to earn their victories. If I cannot find a stable gaming group for a longer campaign, I will convert this into a series of one-shots.

    I know there isn't much information in here so far. Rest assured, I will post in much more detail if I do not find a group in London. For now, feel free to post tentative interest or ask questions if you like, I will keep checking this thread regularly!
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