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Thread: Precocious Lamb, Wandering Monster Hunter

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    Default Precocious Lamb, Wandering Monster Hunter

    Concept: Wandering Monster Hunter

    Character Name:Precocious Lamb

    She's been burned up for a 1-on-1 campaign about traversing the frontier back to "civilization" to see her ailing father before he croaks. We've described the frontier as a Japan-analog-themed Wild West(Samurai Western?) and mixed in spirit/kami stuff from Avatar/Blossoms are Falling +monsters roaming the frontier ala the Witcher.

    Lifepaths: Village Born> Serving Wench > L2 Professional Soldier> Scout >L2 Outcast> Strider


    Stats: Pe:5 Wi:3 Ag:5 Sp:5 Po:4 Fo:4

    Attributes: Re:5 Ste:5 He:4 MW:10 Hesitation:7

    PTGS: Su:3 Li:5 Mi:7 Se:8 Tr:9 Mo:10

    Aura Reading B2
    Customer-wise B2
    Firearms B2
    Forest-wise B2
    Martial Arts B2
    Monster-wise B2
    Orienteering B2
    Riding B2
    Sleight of Hand B2
    Soothing Platitudes B1
    Stealthy B3
    Sword B5
    Tracking B2
    Ugly Truth B4

    Travelling Gear,
    Arms, RotM- Long Sword, Short Sword, Dagger

    Peaceful River( Minor, Romantic) - Troublemaking Priest of Waves
    Didactic Oak (Minor,Hateful) - Vengeful Noble

    Drop Dead Gorgeous
    Deeply Religious


    Second Sight

    -Father is dying. I must make haste in returning home. I will repay my debts to the local magistrate that I may leave unmolested.
    -My journey to the east will be long and hard without help. I will seek out a wind spirit and convince it to grant me a boon so that the road home is easier.
    -My mother always said: true strength lies in what you do for others, not what you do for yourself. I will protect the weak, help the needy and stand up to the corrupt.

    -Never let an insult go unanswered.
    -When trouble stirs, so too does my blade.
    -Never close my senses to the spirit realm when night falls.

    I decided not to pick up any armor because in the setting we decided on the theocracy only grants the right to bear arms and armor to nobles and priests of fire(the martial arm of the theocracy). While the priests might tolerate weapons of war being held by useful pawns/lackeys, armor is strictly for use in wars/putting down rebellions, so wearing it is a big no-no. Not sure how that will work out when we start getting into Fights! though, especially since we've talked about aiming for a conflict per session. I'm thinking the boon I ask for might be for some sort of blessing of protection. Alternatively, I might just play much more defensively and hope for the best.
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    That second belief looks all kinds of fun. Skills could be trouble outside of the Sword B5, considering there doesn't seem to be a ton of FORK opportunity for a 1-on-1 campaign, but in terms of your setting I think it'll be pretty interesting that way. The Instincts point to a pretty hotheaded character, so being one dimensional seems to fit. I'm a fan.
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