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Thread: Harming the spirit-natured eldritch sinks

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    Default Harming the spirit-natured eldritch sinks

    EDIT: I'm really sorry, I meant to post this in The Character Burner (BWG) - could a mod pretty please move this thread?

    I've no experience running a game with magic, but recently the following popped up:

    The only ways to affect/harm/bind someone with Spirit Nature, according to the Monster Burner, are with
    • Sorcery,
    • Faith,
    • spirits,
    • or spirit weapons.

    Assuming a character somehow gets both that trait and Eldritch Sink (whether it be through Tainted Legacy, Possessed or a trait vote), then Eldritch Sink pretty clearly rules out the first two. I'm not sure how it'd interact with the latter two, so perhaps they'd be immune to those as well.

    What - if any - ways are there to (meta)physically harm someone with these two traits?
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    I'd make a strong argument that Spirit Nature and Eldritch Sink are oppositional. You can't be a supernatural being and also shrug off the supernatural.

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    I'm with Wayfarer. You can't be an inherently magical creature that is void of all magic.
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