Hey! I've made a race. The concept focuses around humanizing (to a degree) the D&D doppelganger, with a dark elf twist: they're evil faeries who can't procreate, so they steal children to their foggy world and turn them into more changeling! They acquire character traits from pretending to be other beings, they can look like you if they try hard enough, and their society is filled with backstabbing, secrecy and tragedy.

I haven't tried playing with them yet and I'm pretty damn sure the Glamours and Riddleskin mechanics are poorly designed as they are. It's a rough draft, practically a pre-draft, and the lifepaths are missing stat bonuses. Before I try throwing this at my players I'm interested in seeing if anyone has any ideas on how those rules might be better constructed. It's a free-for-all!

There's a description to begin with, common traits and description of the doppelganger-y mechanics, lifepaths, and some optional/lifepath traits along the way which include a form of emotional magic (Degeneracy/Taint).

There's a wee bit of world-specific flavor text in there but I doubt anyone will be too confused by it. Anyway, I hope it makes for fun reading at the very least. And yes, I stole the Dabus concept from Planescape as a placeholder.

Google docs link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...N-1hdWHZ0/edit