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However, reading the Forged Trait, it seems you only get a planetary-wide 1D Reputation, rather than for multiple systems. And Fored being only on one world seems to be implied in the setting creation example in the main book.
World Burning is for burning a world. If your world is the Forged Lord's seat, he's there and we don't care what his reputation is on his other fiefs (we're not playing on those worlds, so it doesn't matter.) If your world is not, but does have the Noble Fief government type, then it is ruled by one or more Hammer/Anvil lords. They presumably owe fealty to a Forged Lord, but he ain't here so who cares what his rep is? "Planet-wide" and "universe-wide" are equivalent terms as far as a game of BE is concerned.

It's also worth drawing a distinction between the state of being a Lord-Pilot and the Lord-Pilot lifepaths. Members of the Pilotry certainly do command forces. But commanding forces is not part of what it means to join the Pilotry. The lifepath represents that basic duty. (Notice that LP Anvil fulfills the requirements to enter Anvil Captain: your rank is enough to earn you a command.)

The LP lifepaths represent the stuff you do as you gain entrance to the Pilotry. In a similar way, the Student LP represents the stuff you do as you get a college education. Lords-Pilot Anvil can command troops in the same way as college graduates can practice law: the LP-Anvil lifepath doesn't involve command, but it lets you get a command. The Student lifepath doesn't involve practicing law, but it lets you take Lawyer. (The flaw in the analogy is that Student is more of a transitional LP, while plenty of Lords-Pilot never ascend any higher and just keep repeating the lifepath.)