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Thread: Lord Aimon of Ais, Templar of the order of the holy light

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    Default Lord Aimon of Ais, Templar of the order of the holy light

    Hi guys,
    Here is my concept for a templar for a skype game we are going to run. the story is about the defence of a city from the dark horde and the unlikely alliances created from that. The city is a sacred place for both the true faith of the holy light and the religion of Braz, worshipped by a lot of the native people of the land. Currently the Holy city of Samhaefn is occupied by the foreign forces of the Holy light but the support to their cause is failing.

    Character Name: Lord Aimon of Ais

    Concept: A young lord who, to the dismay of his mother, left for the crusades and found a higher calling in the Holy city of Samhaefn. As Lord protector of the keep it is his duty to protect the city from invasion and to put a stop to the insurrection of the natives.

    Lifepaths: Born Noble, Lord, (Lead to Professional Soldier) Captain, (Lead to Religious) Military Order

    Age: 26

    Stats: Wi:B6, Pe:B4, Po:B5, Fo:B4, Ag:B4, Sp:B4, Stride: 7

    Attributes: Ref: B4, Ste: B8, Hes: 4, Hea: B5, MW: B10, Circles: B3, Resources: B3

    PTGS: Su:B3 Li:B5 Mi:B7 Se:B8 Tr:B9 Mo:B10

    Skills: Armor Training, Command B4, Doctrine B2, Estate Management B3, Field Dressing B2, Haggling B3, Holy light religion-wise B2, Horde strategy-wise B2, Hunting B2, Knives B2, Mace B3, Mounted Combat Training, Oratory B4, Read B2, Riding B3, Strategy B5, Samhaefn city-wise B2

    Gear: Cloths, travelling gear, shoes, run of the mill arms, run of the mill heavy mail, warhorse
    Property: rent

    Reputations: 2D Protector of the Keep

    Affiliations: 1D Crusading Nobility, 2D Order of the holy Light Templars

    Relationships: Zealot Bishop (Powerful, hateful/rival), Second in command (Minor, other/family)

    Traits: [Dt] Mark of Privilege, [Char] Your Lordship, [C-O] Savvy, [Char] Disciplined, [Dt] Sworn to the Order, [Char] Trusting

    1. The Heretics are the cause of the insurrection. I will bring them to justice!
    2. The Horde shows no mercy for humankind. I will see that no man is left behind.
    3. Our resources are low. I must find new allies and funds to protect the holy city
    4. Sworn to the Order: I swear to protect all those who seek the hospitality of the holy light.

    1. Always have traitors, deserters and saboteurs executed
    2. Always Check watch-posts before retiring for the night
    3. Never admit I have made a mistake.

    hope you guys like him.

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    Oh, looks like we've got a rich boy here, fellas. Come down to Outremer to teach us all how to fight like real pious men.

    I love that the solid base you have here implies naivete and earnestness. Plus he's a strategic genius, a dubious skill to have in these dark ages!
    "Athos—Porthos, farewell till we meet again! Aramis, adieu forever!"

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