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Thread: Alternate Fight!

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    Lightbulb Alternate Fight!

    First, I love FIGHT! I like the process of it, and how it paints amazing combats in my mind's eye. But not everyone I game with likes it, and I don't want to ditch in entirely. So I worked on a little subsystem, which will par down the complexity, but keep the flavor of fight. I was inspired by Mouse Guard conflicts, but I like the injury mechanics a lot. Soo anyway!

    The Exchange, Volley, and Actions
    1 Exchange, 3 Volleys, 3 Actions - Like DoW or RnC you only get 3 actions. But what about Reflexes!

    Reflex Pool! For each point of Reflexes above 3, you get a "Reflex Dice". These dice are spent throughout the Exchange, and Refresh at the beginning of the next exchange. You spend them to...
    • Add an Advantage Dice to a Roll
    • Change an unannounced action
    • Change your announced action to a Defense
    • Set/Reset a Weapon without scripting an action.
    • Buy down hesitation

    Also when you get take dice penalty, you lose dice out of the pool. Also when your Reflexes drop below 3, you start losing actions to script.

    The actions!

    Strike, test your weapon skill to bash the poor bastards head in! Ob 1 to hit. Counters: Feint Countered by: Defend

    Great Strike, like normal you must Set (either script, or spend a reflex die) before you strike. Add one to the VA, or the Power. Counters: Feint Countered by: Defend

    Defend, test your speed, weapon skill, or shield in a versus test against a Strike or a Maneuver. Counters: Strike Countered by: Feint

    Feint, if they scripted Defend. Test your skill! If they scripted a strike, well I hope you got armor. Counters: Defend Countered by: Strike

    Maneuver, test something! If you are disengaging from a fight, you test your speed! If you are trying to knock their weapon away, test your weapon skill. If you are pushing the fucker, test your power. If you win by 1 success, they get +1 ob to their next action. If you win by 3 success, they lose their next action.

    Strike Defend Feint Man <- Them
    Strike I V I I
    Defend V - - V
    Feint - I V -
    Man I V I V

    Getting hit!
    Its the same as core BW. However, one extra bit...

    If you take wound penalties, remember to subtract that from your reflex pool. If your reflex pool goes to below zero (Ref 1, or 2), you lose actions to script. If you have excess reflex dice, you can spend to lower the hesitation.

    I have no idea, when I'll get the chance to playtest it. Anyone have any questions, comments?
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    I think it's neat, but it's not any less complicated than Fight!.

    There are a few less actions, but there are still exceptions to learn, and a process to get your head around.

    Further, the 'reflex dice' undercut steel, and remove any concern of strategy when you can just change your already announced action to a defense.
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    I think the idea here is to cut down on the number of options in Fight? (Maybe? I could be wrong.)

    The actions for this system are just the most common actions from Fight. When I'm teaching Fight I basically teach those actions and tell people to ignore the other ones. Same result, without making a whole new system.


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