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    Default Trouble in Towminster

    Starting this campaign today. Most of the details - like characters and what not - will come AFTER our first session.

    The Setting
    This was first mentioned in this thread.

    Crime is dead. The people of the Wardship of Towminster know very little of violence, despite living in a relatively large and lively city. There are, of course, the occasional squabbles over bushels of wheat and hands of daughters, but the sight of blood on the street is a rarity, so much so that the last such happening is almost beyond any local reckoning. And what was there to fight about anyway? Strong, stark mountains nestle the city as a mother would a baby, and the valley supplies all they need; useful flora and fauna are found in such variety and in such abundance that the people are left to want for almost nothing. War is also absent. No other Wardships - if they even exist! - call Towminster their enemy. How easy it must be to be Ward here! People do die, of course, but there is no sorrow. Lives are long and full. And the dead are always Claimed almost immediately after passing so that no one need look upon the dead and violate their sanctity.

    However, as is often the case, things were not always this way. Centuries - perhaps even millennia! - ago, crime was commonplace. Political corruption even more so. The two sicknesses fed each other until... until... well, until something Changed. What, when, how... if any of these things were ever known, they certainly aren't now. If any record was ever kept, it has been long lost - or long hidden. Tales of such are still told, but they are now little more than popular campfire stories, used to frighten children and occupy drunkards. The Ward may well know more - and probably does - but no one can say. The Ward least of all, as each in turn becomes Mute when the Command is taken up.

    For all the tales and gossip about the Change, the only thing that the people know for certain is that there has been everlasting peace ever since. Those who transgress become Taken; those who wander become Lost; those that do neither become neither; and to be Claimed at the end of a long life is to be welcomed back home. This is the way of things.

    The Situation
    Today there is a body in the streets. Today there is a transgressor not Taken. Today there is fear about Tomorrow. And our dear players are among the very few under suspicion.

    Plan for First Session
    We decided in our initial character burning session that, though some of the characters may have crossed paths in the past, most of them were no more than acquaintances and their party forming would be a marriage of circumstance (at least at first). Namely, they're all in a holding cell, under suspicion for... something. Perhaps not murder, but something's gone wrong, and the PCs are the closest thing to a list of usual suspects the nobility could come up with. Instead of starting there, though, I intend to start a bit further back at, say, 9 am that morning and play out the drama of them getting rounded up - especially since it seems at least one of the PCs will need to help in doing that!

    This, of course, means they might not all end up in a holding cell if they're clever or if they roll really well, but that's ok. Them being under suspicion is likely enough to drive things forward for a while, especially if I push them to find out why they're under suspicion.


    We got so in-depth into finishing Character Burning that's all we had time for, but some great ideas came out of it:
    • Dead body is Kat's uncle
    • The reason Towminster is this way may have to do with the Temple
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