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  1. Sometimes it takes you four years to do something…
  2. Keys as a physical thing.
  3. player count for FreeMarket?
  4. clarification of recalibrate action
  5. frownie "cheating" trick (another question about border case rules)
  6. Shaping and Gifting
  7. Chaining Gifts for flow efficiency.
  8. Time investment to raise MRCZ tier
  9. Dumb materials and technologies?
  10. Tier 1 MRCZ Backup
  11. Ephemera and Quantum Memories
  12. Technology and the fiction
  13. Detective as "profession" in Freemarket
  14. merging two pieces of tech
  15. minor question about character sheet - technolgy spot
  16. burning an interface till burn-out
  17. founders of MRCZ
  18. Dealing with data
  19. Making it harder
  20. challenge sequence in tie and bugs
  21. Workaround for increasing MRCZ flow
  22. Engaging tech and interface tagged to the target's experiences
  23. Some questions from a recent immigrant
  24. Rules Questions!
  25. Copies available?
  26. Pitching Freemarket
  27. Anyone want to play?